GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer App

Monday, 8 March 2021

GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer App

This is a GPS Speedometer and Odometer software that measures the speed of all types of transportation in real time in kph (kilometres per hour), mph (miles per hour), knot, or m/s.

Have you ever wondered how far a bus would travel? What is the speed of the vehicle when you are on the train? This gauge speedometer or speed tracker will show your current speed in real time whether you are travelling by train, car, bike, skateboard, cruise, or aeroplane, as long as your phone receives a sufficient amount of GPS signal. It's also a great speedometer app if your car's speedometer is broken. For a temporary substitute, you might use this gauge speedometer, speed tester, GPS tracker, mph metre, or speed tracker.

HUD (Head up display) option for car speed tracker (kph metre): HUD (Head up display) is a very useful feature when driving at night in a car. The HUD feature reflects the light from your phone to show the car speed metre in kph or mph on the windshield. You can now keep your eyes on the road while monitoring your speed in kilometres per hour or miles per hour.

It's a kph metre, mph metre, speed metre, odometer, speedometer, speed tracker, or whatever name you want to give it.

Speedometer in a car or on a bicycle Note: The system GPS is needed for this gauge speedometer and odometer(mileage) app(speed app, kmh metre). Make sure the GPS speedometer and odometer software has permission to use the phone's location service.

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