GoPro: Quik Video + Photo Editor

Monday, 15 March 2021

GoPro: Quik Video + Photo Editor

In just a few minutes, you can tell a storey. And with Mural, the GoPro app's all-new immersive homepage, you can relive your best moments over and over. You can also use your phone to offload and preview your most recent HERO and 360 video. With game-changing results, you can get pro-level edits and the GoPro look. Reframe can help you transform your 360 footage into stunning traditional images or videos. Then tell someone about it.

—- Highlights —-

Mural allows you to relive the experience.
Mural is a modern way to connect with your favourite moments and edits that is both unique and fluid. Simply add them to your Mural and they'll be available to you at all times for you to revisit.

From afar, you can control your GoPro.
With live preview and full remote control of camera functions, you can frame the perfect image. From your computer, you can easily change settings, start and stop recording, and more.

Take a look at your photos.
Make the most of your room and time. View your pictures and videos on your phone and decide what you want to offload ahead of time.

Edits of epic proportions—automatically
Your footage is immediately transformed into a fantastic video that you can share. Select a theme to receive custom effects, transitions, and music.

This is a flawless cut.
Cut out the bits you don't want in your videos and trim the remainder.

Never let a great opportunity slip you by.
Grab a frame and take stunning pictures from each of your 360 or conventional videos.

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