dote timer - Most efficient time management app

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

dote timer - Most efficient time management app

To use this app, first go to To Do List and build a category.

If you are unable to use a timer, please follow the instructions below.
ㄴ Open the app and go to Settings > Disable Proximity Sensors. - Return to the App's main screen - Pick your plan - Toss your handset around.

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  • There are so many distractions as we try to focus on something.
  • The mobile is one of the most annoying devices.
  • You must concentrate on the novel.
  • However, I find myself staring at my phone.
  • You said you were going to research for 5 hours, but you only spent 1 hour on the book?
  • The Dote Timer is the solution!
  • Let's start with Dote Timer's unique proprietary features.

To begin with, Dote Timer only starts when you flip the device.
When you use or switch your phone after setting the timer, it will automatically stop.
As a result, you will be able to focus on your studies or jobs.

Second, you should make a comparison between the strategy and your real focus experience.
Set the deadline for your assignment.
And classify it as A, B, or C, depending on how important it is to create a detailed plan.
The amount of time you spent concentrating was documented and compared to your original strategy.

Third, the colour thickness indicates how intensely you concentrated.
As a result, you'll be able to instantly recognise the days when you were most focused on your tasks.
The app, in particular, uses various colours to make your day more productive.

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