Air Traffic - flight tracker App

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Air Traffic - flight tracker App

On a map, this flight tracker shows live planes. With real-time location alerts and various flight status information, it's similar to a radar. All of the features are available for free, which is noteworthy: there is no subscription or ability to access features by payment.

When choosing a plane, you'll have all the information you need:
- the name of the airline and the flight number,
- airports of departure and arrival for airlines,
- the time of departure and arrival,
- aircraft type (photos included),
- altitude, velocity, and going
- Animation of a 3D pilot view

The planes are represented on the map by ten different icons, each representing a different class of aircraft. Helicopters are also included.

Using the extremely sensitive search engine, you will locate planes for a specific flight or with a specific registration. After you've made your choice, you can add the flight to your favourites list. This will allow you to quickly retrieve and switch between flights in the future.

You can choose the type of maps and units when you open the settings menu.

The real-time 3D view of the ground is one of the features we are most proud of. Enjoy the landing from a bird's eye view as if you were in the plane!

The new app is intended to display commercial flights. Military aircraft are not included.

Please notice that not all planes are available: coverage ranges from 90% to 95%.

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