Accessibility Settings Shortcut App

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Accessibility Settings Shortcut App

Accessibility Settings Shortcut is a tool that helps you to easily access Accessibility Settings.

Overview of Android usability
Accessibility settings and software can be used to personalise your Android computer.

Make use of a screen reader.
Turn on the TalkBack screen reader to communicate with your computer through touch and spoken input. TalkBack discusses what you're doing and reminds you about updates and notifications.

TalkBack braille keyboard: Enter 6-dot braille on your computer using the TalkBack braille keyboard. Actually, only Unified English Braille is provided.

Select to Speak: You can allow Select to Speak if you only want spoken input at specific times.

Make a show shift.
Adjust the monitor size or font size on your computer to adjust the size of the objects on your screen.

Magnification: Use magnification to momentarily zoom or magnify your screen.

High-contrast text, dark theme, colour inversion, or colour correction are all choices for changing contrast and colours.

Controls for contact
Voice Control: With Voice Control, you can control your computer using spoken commands. Using your voice to open applications, navigate, and edit text without having to use your hands.

Switch Access: Instead of using the touchscreen, Switch Access allows you to communicate with your Android device using one or more switches. You can power your computer with a switch or a keyboard.

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