March 2021

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Auto blur background - blur image like DSLR

Auto blur background is a simple and fast app for creating stunning blur background images.

⚡️ The smart focus area selection programme identifies the focus area automatically.
Hundreds of blur effects are available in the Background Blur effect app.
⚡️ Think about it. Change the blur strength Using this blur pic editor or speed blur app, change the image blur intensity to give a larger blur effect to the blurred picture.
⚡️ Use different aperture styles to create the most realistic blur effect, just like a DSLR camera.
⚡️ You may use the Bokeh effect and overlay effects like snow, feathers, and... to draw attention to a bright spot in the background.

Blur image background is a powerful blur photo editor that can be used to blur the background of your images. Using the blur photo filters in this blur picture editor or blur pic editor, effectively blur unwanted parts of a picture and give it a blur effect. camera focus,focus camera,dslr camera effect,dslr photography, fuzzy images, photo background editor

Give your photo a blurry DSLR photograph base, which will make it appear as if it were taken with an obscure DSLR camera. Blur image background is a useful blur photo editor that can be used to blur the background of your images.

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Air Traffic - flight tracker App

On a map, this flight tracker shows live planes. With real-time location alerts and various flight status information, it's similar to a radar. All of the features are available for free, which is noteworthy: there is no subscription or ability to access features by payment.

When choosing a plane, you'll have all the information you need:
- the name of the airline and the flight number,
- airports of departure and arrival for airlines,
- the time of departure and arrival,
- aircraft type (photos included),
- altitude, velocity, and going
- Animation of a 3D pilot view

The planes are represented on the map by ten different icons, each representing a different class of aircraft. Helicopters are also included.

Using the extremely sensitive search engine, you will locate planes for a specific flight or with a specific registration. After you've made your choice, you can add the flight to your favourites list. This will allow you to quickly retrieve and switch between flights in the future.

You can choose the type of maps and units when you open the settings menu.

The real-time 3D view of the ground is one of the features we are most proud of. Enjoy the landing from a bird's eye view as if you were in the plane!

The new app is intended to display commercial flights. Military aircraft are not included.

Please notice that not all planes are available: coverage ranges from 90% to 95%.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Styledoll - 3D Avatar maker

Look at how sweet and lovely #StyleDoll has become.
Beautiful and fantastically cool! Imagine and develop your own personal style!
Your Styledoll will change outfits and strike a variety of poses! Dress up your character and save him in a variety of different poses!

Face, hair, shirts, jeans, skirts, shoes, background, stickers, and more can all be customised, and there are over 2,000 dress up pieces to choose from.


1. Build your own 3D avatar by mixing and matching thousands of costumes, backgrounds, and dialogue bubbles.

2. Combine several Avatars to construct a variety of fictional scenarios!
(Imagine going for a drive, flying, lovers walking hand-in-hand, and a number of other romantic scenarios!)

3. Rotate your 3D avatar left and right to see things from different perspectives!

4. Save your dressed-up Avatar so you can look at it whenever you want!

5. Show off your fun and stunning Avatar to your peers!

6. Make your emoji by creating a character out of fashion pieces.

7. Build your own character for free by catoonifying my girl character?
What's the name of my special and adorable profile emoji?
Is it possible that future me will enrol in college?
In virtual social media, are you a fashionista?
, BFF pictures?
, What is the wedding gown for my doll?
What is the name of my favourite anime gacha character?
Fashion designer on the rise?
Every single thing! Have fun with your role playing!

When you uninstall the game, all game data saved on your computer will be removed as well.

Consumable objects, on the other hand, are not restored.

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Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a home screen replacement that is efficient, customizable, and flexible. Nova adds advanced functionality to your home screens while still remaining a great, easy-to-use option for all. Nova is the solution whether you want to fully redesign your home screens or just want a cleaner, quicker home launcher.
• The Most Up-to-Date Features: Nova gives all other phones the most up-to-date Android launcher features.
• Custom Icon Themes: Nova is compatible with thousands of icon themes from the Play Store.
• Night Mode and Dark Theme: Set night mode to come on at a certain time or leave it on for a dark theme.

• Customizable App Drawer: You may customise the app drawer with vertical or horizontal scrolling, page effects, and card or immersive options, to name a few.
• Subgrid Positioning: Nova makes it easy to get a precise feel and layout by allowing you to snap icons and widgets in between grid cells, which is impossible for most other launchers.
• Backup and Restore: Thanks to Nova's backup and restore function, switching phones or trying out new home screen layouts is a breeze. Backups may be held on-site or uploaded to the cloud for easy access.
• Speed: Nova is highly optimised, with smooth and snappy animations that provide a quick and seamless experience even on older phones.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Launcher Widget

When you click any of your installed apps, this widget displays them as tiny icons on your computer and opens a zoom window. Widget saves icon locations and changes the app drawer's list of apps. It saves you time because all of the icons are on one screen, making it easy to find them.


- certain icons can be hidden (Editor)
- adjust the size of the widget (long tap on a widget to change it)
- alter the number of icons in a row (Columns setting)
- Launch applications with a single tap (Show zoom window setting)

Please bear in mind that this is a trial edition. After three days, you will be prompted to purchase the widget.

NOTE: This is NOT a launcher application. It's just a piece of software. You should put it on your home screen to make it work.

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Best DP and Status

This app has a nice range of profile pictures and status updates.
Free app with the most recent list of best DP and status.

We've compiled a list of the most common DPs and Status for all of your social media accounts. The practise of holding famous quotes as DP status is becoming increasingly common. We've divided the photos into groups so you can easily find what you're looking for. The photos can be shared with your friends directly from the app.

For your social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others, we have the best status and DP range. Set your Show Picture and Status to reflect your current mood and emotion.
You can also get the gif.

With tabs for Latest, Trending, and Category, DP and Status has a simple user interface.

Showcase Pictures are divided into a number of groups.
-Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -Attitude -A
-Baby -Sorry -Motivational -Good Morning -Good Night -Single -Festivals -Baby -Sorry -Motivational -Good Morning -Good Night -Single -Festivals

This app contains Hindi and English Language Status, which are separated into the following categories: -Love -Funny Status -Sad -Attitude -Rain -Cute -Family -Friendship -Good Morning -Good Night.

Thank you for taking the time to download.
Have a wonderful day.

This is an unofficial app. The owners of all trademarks and copyright are covered. Content culled from a variety of online outlets.

Both copyright and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Monday, 22 March 2021

3D Wallpaper Parallax - 4D Backgrounds

It is a forum for users to express their imagination by creating, downloading, editing, and customising 4D or 3D wallpapers.

350+ official 4K wallpapers with 4D depth effect for a true 3D Live Wallpaper experience.
Any 3D/4D wallpaper can be edited, customised, and adjusted.

You can also make a 4D backdrop with images from your camera or gallery, or from our set.

A beautiful app that gives your home and lock screen an AMOLED 3D experience. We currently have 350+ official HD wallpapers and are constantly updating our store, while our user section has over 100K HD & 4K wallpapers.
You will find fun personalised moving parallax wallpaper by searching according to your needs.


Both devices' screens have a complex aspect ratio. Mobile screen customization with 3D themes Moving backgrounds of 4D holograms and parallax App support is available right away, and you can share your exclusive wallpaper with your mates. Multi-layer array of superheroes We support 3D up to the eighth layer. (support for 8 layers in 3D) We support 4D up to the third layer with three depths (support for 3+3 4D). You can add effects to your 3D wallpaper after it's been developed. It's a very simple method to learn how to make 4D or 3D wallpapers. Switch on or off advertisements in the settings, and enjoy an ad-free experience. Join the 4D developer group to gain likes and followers. Themes in 4D that are very smooth

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Video Compress App

This app compresses and transfers video files to your tablet.

It can be used to save data. When you compress a video, it's much easier to post it on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Whatsapp.

- Creates compressed videos with high, normal, and low video quality - Friendly interface, simple to use, and fast - Supports almost all video formats - displays albums in your gallery that contain videos
- Creates a copy of the video while keeping the original - All of the videos created are stored in an album in the video gallery - Removes audio to further compress the video - The longer the video, the higher the compression ratio

- Converts video and audio files to MP3 format.
- Shares videos - Removes subtitles from videos - Shares video clips - Rotates video (Sends e-mails, uploads videos to YouTube, and so on.)
- Compatibility with both ARM and X86 processors (Such as intel zenfone)
- NEON CPU improvements for ARMv7

Ideal for those without high-speed internet (such as 3G) or who have a limited data allowance.

**Recent Developments**
You can also directly share video files to this app to compress them before sharing them to other apps such as social media apps.

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Sunday, 21 March 2021

Story Maker - Layout for Instagram Story

inStory, the best storey editor and storey creator, makes it simple for the storey to stand out. 500+ chic and one-of-a-kind templates to turn your reflections and life experiences into elegant stories. Simply choose some images, add templates, text, a backdrop, and a highlight cover, and you're done!

Share your stories on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat to gain more fans and likes!

Story Collage & Template
Ripped Paper is one of 100+ styled models... Have your storey look like it was painstakingly designed for several hours. Every week, new collections are added to best fit every occasion.

You can customise size, colour, and border with all advanced text tools and write down your mood with 100+ hype style fonts.

Highlight Cover Maker has 100+ icons to help you make an elegant Instagram storey profile, and you can even make your own original highlight cover with well-designed elements.

Backgrounds are significant.
Colors of all kinds, blur and Morandi, new and traditional, and so on. InStory also includes a colour picker pen that allows you to extract any colour from a picture.

There's no need to create an account, and the exports are of high quality.
There is no need to register or create an account; simply open inStory to begin making. Submit high-resolution stories to Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp...

+ Soon to be published
- Polish your stories with pre-set filters and effects like Polaroid and Retro.
- Cut, change speed, add audio, and other video editing features are available.
- Huge stickers allow you to be more creative with your Instagram post.

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Wasavi: Auto Reply, Schedule message, Tasks, Notes

Link your chats to your Google Sheets or the cloud, and send messages with photos automatically. From inside your favourite social messaging app, you can monitor chat groups for subjects, follow specific friends, and convert messages into assignments, notes, and reminders.

Schedule messages and images Auto reply to messages Auto reply with location Auto save messages as tasks or notes with bots Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with location Auto reply with To see new choices, double-click any post.
★ Keep an eye on chats for keywords, subjects, connections, and emails, among other items. Using Google Sheets, you can save your WhatsApp messages. Send your WhatsApp messages to a server outside of WhatsApp.

Wasavi uses the following applications: WhatsApp, WhatsApp Company, Viber, and Private Messenger.

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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

 How many of us have secretly wished to break into Tony Stark's mansion and steal JARVIS? After all, who wouldn't want a voice assistant that is both artificially intelligent and friendly? You won't have to anymore because we spent some time at our drawing boards and came up with our own.

You can now download an AI voice assistant app that will act as the best virtual personal assistant you've ever experienced. There's no way around it.

All you have to do now is download the voice assistant app and launch your Intense journey.

Extreme is completely capable of interpreting English conversations and supplying you with anything you might want. And we mean it when we say that.

 • English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Breton, Catalan, Spanish, French, and German are currently supported by Extreme.

• a Do you have a question you'd like to ask the internet? Simply ask Extreme your question, and it will take care of getting you the answer to "What is radiation?" as if it were a boss.

• Your trusted selfie expert is the extreme voice assistant; simply say "Extreme, Take a selfie" and it will be done.

• Never get lost again with Extreme's Maps assistance, whether you're in downtown Venice or rusty Palampur.

• a Get the inside scoop on your favourite issues every day. Simply request an update from the Extreme voice assistant by saying, "Extreme, Update me on yesterday's football match."


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Aris - Linux Launcher, shell and command lines App

Have you ever wondered if you could hack your phone like a pro? With Aris Launcher, you can now instantly check your apps/contacts and perform a variety of tasks, just like a real hacker.

Aris Launcher is a flexible and effective home screen replacement. It adds advanced, hacker-like features to your home screens while still allowing you to quickly launch applications.

You can use Aris as a standard Launcher with App Drawer by simply sliding up on the home screen, in addition to experiencing hacker life with fun terminal-like UI.

Commands built-in
removing: information on how to uninstall an app: go to the app's information page
include: to add an app or contact to a folder
To delete an app/contact from a folder, use the remove command.

To prevent an app/contact from being checked in the clipboard, use the following command: hide.
Aris must be restarted in order to get the text in the clipboard.

show: clear to clear the console performance
to reactivate deactivated apps/contacts

wireless internet:
to switch on/off WiFi

Toggle the Bluetooth folder using the following commands:
to display applications in a folder:
to display all apps
in a flash:
to turn on flash weather: to display the latest weather conditions

locateme: to view a picture of your current location using shell

note: to begin editing a note encrypt: to send a message that is encrypted

ls: to display details about an object code: to show a window with the number of codes:
to dial a phone number

equation: to solve the problem

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler App

Simpler Dialer is the fastest dialer for Android, with features such as Call Block, Caller ID, Smart Contacts Search, Call Log History, T9, and Beautiful Themes:

Key FEATURES Caller ID and spam blocker Block calls - easily block unwanted calls T9 Dialer - instantly search by name and number Call your commonly used contacts quickly
Over 40 beautiful themes are accessible, with a clean and intuitive design.

Block Spammers - block spam calls by identifying phone numbers.

If you've missed a call and don't know who it was from, find out who it was from.

T9 Dialer - easily check by name and numbers SMART DIALER - call and add new contacts SMART DIALER - call and add new contacts SMART DIALER - call and add new contacts SMART DIALER - call and add new contacts SMART DIALER - call and add new contacts SMART DIALER - call and add new

FAVORITES + CALL LOG Call your favourite contacts with a single tap.
Call your commonly used contacts quickly.

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Hotune - Face&body editor&body enhancer&face app

You may wonder, "What app will offer me a perfect body and beautiful face like those hot models and celebrities?"
- What app will easily slim and beautify the face?
- What app would I use to reshape my body and retouch my face in order to increase the popularity of my picture on Facebook and Instagram?
Hotune, a strong and free app for editing face and body, including a great body editor and face enhancer app, as well as a sweet selfie editor and beauty cam, is the solution.
Hotune is a powerful tool and camera app for editing selfies, especially the body and face. As a body and face editor, it's a fantastic app. To achieve the same amazing result, you don't need any technical skills or photoshop skills.

Slim every part of your body; a slimmer waist and ideal figure are simple to achieve; make you slim and skinny and look like those famous celebrities. Make you skinny and lean. And avatan with your selfie of elegance.

- Enlarge every part of your body in any gradient you want; see your exercise results ahead of time; and stun everyone with your flawless figure in pictures. Avatan with the beauty by retouching your picture.

Face retouching: -Slim face Retouch and reshape the face as required. Allow you to have a tiny and lovely face. Get the skin you've always desired.
Excellent photo editor, face app, and face editor; beautify your photo and assist you in naturally achieving a slim and small face.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

dote timer - Most efficient time management app

To use this app, first go to To Do List and build a category.

If you are unable to use a timer, please follow the instructions below.
ㄴ Open the app and go to Settings > Disable Proximity Sensors. - Return to the App's main screen - Pick your plan - Toss your handset around.

Your feedback would be extremely beneficial to your creator. Thank you so much.

  • There are so many distractions as we try to focus on something.
  • The mobile is one of the most annoying devices.
  • You must concentrate on the novel.
  • However, I find myself staring at my phone.
  • You said you were going to research for 5 hours, but you only spent 1 hour on the book?
  • The Dote Timer is the solution!
  • Let's start with Dote Timer's unique proprietary features.

To begin with, Dote Timer only starts when you flip the device.
When you use or switch your phone after setting the timer, it will automatically stop.
As a result, you will be able to focus on your studies or jobs.

Second, you should make a comparison between the strategy and your real focus experience.
Set the deadline for your assignment.
And classify it as A, B, or C, depending on how important it is to create a detailed plan.
The amount of time you spent concentrating was documented and compared to your original strategy.

Third, the colour thickness indicates how intensely you concentrated.
As a result, you'll be able to instantly recognise the days when you were most focused on your tasks.
The app, in particular, uses various colours to make your day more productive.

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Meme Generator Free

You can make the funniest memes with Meme Generator and share them with your friends through your favourite apps.

Meme Generator's main features include: Over 1000 high-quality meme models with a plethora of funny example captions Custom meme support, which allows you to use any image from your computer Weekly group content notifications Deep fry your memes and add other amusing effects to memes Create your own Breaking News memes with this kit. Memes can be shared with any app on your smartphone or saved to your gallery. Hundreds of stickers are included, with the option to make custom stickers. You can freely alter the colour and size of the text. There are over 60 fonts to choose from.

Develop multi-captioned, nuanced modern or classic memes. Create a multi-panel meme out of several saved memes. Cropping images to match various formats is possible. Any image may have borders added to it. You can make your own list of favourite memes using the Favorite Memes feature. Memes don't have any watermarks. We value your privacy above all else, so Meme Generator does not automatically upload any memes you make or import. Build any kind of dank meme, including the wildly popular Deep Fried impact memes.

DISCLAIMER: The ZomboDroid Team does not endorse the images or captions in this app. Both memes and examples were submitted by users!

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Monday, 15 March 2021

GoPro: Quik Video + Photo Editor

In just a few minutes, you can tell a storey. And with Mural, the GoPro app's all-new immersive homepage, you can relive your best moments over and over. You can also use your phone to offload and preview your most recent HERO and 360 video. With game-changing results, you can get pro-level edits and the GoPro look. Reframe can help you transform your 360 footage into stunning traditional images or videos. Then tell someone about it.

—- Highlights —-

Mural allows you to relive the experience.
Mural is a modern way to connect with your favourite moments and edits that is both unique and fluid. Simply add them to your Mural and they'll be available to you at all times for you to revisit.

From afar, you can control your GoPro.
With live preview and full remote control of camera functions, you can frame the perfect image. From your computer, you can easily change settings, start and stop recording, and more.

Take a look at your photos.
Make the most of your room and time. View your pictures and videos on your phone and decide what you want to offload ahead of time.

Edits of epic proportions—automatically
Your footage is immediately transformed into a fantastic video that you can share. Select a theme to receive custom effects, transitions, and music.

This is a flawless cut.
Cut out the bits you don't want in your videos and trim the remainder.

Never let a great opportunity slip you by.
Grab a frame and take stunning pictures from each of your 360 or conventional videos.

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Photo Square - Insta Square Blur Image Background

Picture Square - Insta Square Blur Image Background is a great photo editor that helps you to quickly create beautiful and famous images. You can make the picture square by blurring the background and adding a pattern. Picture Square is a fantastic programme for making your photos square without cropping them. Photo Square is a straightforward photo editor that allows you to create square images with a blur effect. It's the easiest and simplest no crop picture editor for Instagram, with blur border and no crop style. Picture Square - Insta Square Blur Image Background is an excellent photo editor for enhancing the appearance of your photographs. ❤️ Instagram doesn't have a cropping tool. For Instagram, there are no crop and square choices. In a matter of seconds, you can square a frame!

Border Blur Set a blur backdrop, a black background, a white background, or a variety of colours. There are many impressive blur image backgrounds in Photo Square - Insta Square Blur Image History. ❤️ Image Context Blur Make scene points blur and awesome with Picture Square - Insta Square Blur Image History! Now you can download Photo Square - Insta Square Blur Image Background, the best photo editing app that allows you to upload full-sized images to Instagram without cropping.

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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Sleep Timer (Music & Screen Off) App

Sleep Timer will switch off your computer and turn off your music after a specified period of time.

It functions similarly to a television's sleep timer.
Sleep Timer gently lowers the volume before turning off your music (not all players are yet supportet). Sleep Timer can also switch off your computer if you've been watching a stream. This feature keeps your battery from running out.

It has a basic interface and is simple to use.
Pick the amount of time you want the music or stream to play, then press Start. The Sleep Timer will appear in the notification bar. The timer can be extended or cancelled directly from the notification message. (If you have several alerts, swipe down to see the buttons on the Sleep Timer notification.)

Version that is available for free
There are advertisements in the free edition.

Ad-free version (unlocked via in-app purchase).

How to uninstall (IMPORTANT): Sleep Timer turns off your screen using the system administration feature. Until uninstalling, it must first be deactivated.
Simply go to App Settings > Disable "Turn off screen" option > Uninstall, or go to Phone Settings > Position & Protection > Pick system administrators > Uncheck Sleep Timer > Uninstall.
Permissions are clarified as follows:
• Unlocked version of Google Play billing programme.
• Internet / network access: This is needed for access to Google Play and the submission of bug reports.
• Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connections: Allows Sleep Timer to switch off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth after your music has stopped playing.

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Minimize play in background - Video Mini App

With Minimize Floating Popup Player, you can watch all videos while using your smartphone normally. You can build and manage your own playlists, as well as play and save videos and completed playlists.

Minimize player - In this mode, the app is closed and the video is shown in a popup window on the homescreen (Floating Player). You can resize and transfer the minimised window as needed. You'll be able to open and use more apps when watching the video this way.
- By clicking on the floating window, the app will be retrieved from the background as the video continues to play.

look for
Find your content quickly among millions of videos - Create your own playlists and control them.

- Save completed playlists or make your own.
- Your personal playlists are saved locally on your mobile, meaning that you never lose access to your videos even if you reinstall our app.

mode of power conservation
- In this mode, your phone's brightness is reduced and the screen is closed, allowing you to use our app in peace and with as little energy consumption as possible.

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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Photo Editor Pro

Image Editing Pro comes with everything you'll need to edit images. Even if you've never edited a picture before, you can produce an eye-catcher with a variety of stylish effects, filters, grids, adjust context, and draw software. You can directly upload your artworks to Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media sites using Photo Editor Pro.

Take out the subject of a photo and replace it with a fun new background with Photo Backgrounds Eraser & AI Cutout Tool; - Use photo backgrounds as a green screen for your images; - Add cut-out pictures to stickers

PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa... Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa...
- Change the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and warmth, among other things.

GB, RG, Neon, Negative, Swirl, Pixel, Fisheye, and more Glitch Effects & Blur Background - Blur picture background to get DSLR Blur Effect

- Bokeh, Lens, Splash, and hundreds of light leaks effects; - Photo Blender & Light FX - Combine and merge two images to create beautiful artworks; -

Image Retouch - Slim your body and face for a flawless figure; - Elongate your legs for better proportion; - Different hairstyles, muscles, and tattoo stickers

Picture Collage Creator - Quickly remix up to 18 images into a photo collage;
- There are over 100 grids, huge backgrounds, frames, and filters to choose from;
- Picture stickers for BABY like Halloween, Aesthetic, Animation, Emoji, Doodles, and more.

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PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

PicsArt is the best smartphone all-in-one photo and video editor! One of the most popular apps, with over 1 billion downloads to date, allows you to unleash your imagination. PicsArt comes with everything you'll need to make amazing edits. What's the best part? It's completely free!

Edit images and videos, make fun collages with our sticker maker, doodle on photos, and much more. No previous professional experience is needed!

Apps that are fantastic:

PHOTO EDITOR - Experiment with hot photo filters and trendy photo effects.
- Use the powerful background eraser to cut out images and remove backgrounds.
- Get amazing photo retouching by removing artefacts.
- Pick from millions of high-quality free photos or edit your own.
- Crop and rotate images quickly.

VIDEO EDITOR - With this excellent video maker with music, you can edit or create videos from scratch.
- Make entertaining TikTok videos by bringing your exciting stories to life.
- Use our vast catalogue of popular songs to add music to your videos.
- Crop video clips or use square fit to add backgrounds, then share on Instagram to get views.
- Make use of the Glitch video effects. Add trendy video filters to instantly change it up.
- To combine files, trim them or use smart video merger.

COLLAGE MAKER - Use all of your favourite photos to create an awesome photo collage.
- For prints, try photo grids, freestyle collages, scrapbooks, and frames.
- Create a viral video. With our meme maker, you can make hilarious memes.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Accessibility Settings Shortcut App

Accessibility Settings Shortcut is a tool that helps you to easily access Accessibility Settings.

Overview of Android usability
Accessibility settings and software can be used to personalise your Android computer.

Make use of a screen reader.
Turn on the TalkBack screen reader to communicate with your computer through touch and spoken input. TalkBack discusses what you're doing and reminds you about updates and notifications.

TalkBack braille keyboard: Enter 6-dot braille on your computer using the TalkBack braille keyboard. Actually, only Unified English Braille is provided.

Select to Speak: You can allow Select to Speak if you only want spoken input at specific times.

Make a show shift.
Adjust the monitor size or font size on your computer to adjust the size of the objects on your screen.

Magnification: Use magnification to momentarily zoom or magnify your screen.

High-contrast text, dark theme, colour inversion, or colour correction are all choices for changing contrast and colours.

Controls for contact
Voice Control: With Voice Control, you can control your computer using spoken commands. Using your voice to open applications, navigate, and edit text without having to use your hands.

Switch Access: Instead of using the touchscreen, Switch Access allows you to communicate with your Android device using one or more switches. You can power your computer with a switch or a keyboard.

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My Drawer - Smart & Organized Place for Your Apps

My Dishwasher

You don't want to give up your favourite launcher, so you're looking for an App Drawer alternative.

My Drawer is a substitute for the App Drawer that contains a range of advanced features:

• Applications are automatically organised by category • Advanced search is available • Several themes are available • Widgets are available

• Hide unwelcome applications

Docking Station in a Flash

Tired of having to return to your homescreen to switch between apps?
The latest update introduced a new feature called Quick Dock. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show your customised dock with Fast Dock.


My Drawer can be downloaded and attached to your homescreen as an icon.
You won't have to manually sort your applications into folders; it will be done for you. 

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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Notify Bubble App

A bubble will appear when an incoming notification is received. The content of the notification will be displayed in a popup window with a direct reply option.

Functions include:

- Change the colour of the popup window and the bubble.
- Notification in a bubble - Tapping on the bubble opens a popup window - The popup window displays the notification and provides a direct reply option.
- Bubble and Popup windows have lockscreen visibility.

Notice that the Notify Bubble programme does not save any of your personal information.
Your sensitive information is not stored, distributed, or sold to anyone.
Notify Bubble is totally unaffected by the internet. The app only uses the internet connection to display advertisements.

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Notification Bubbles Free App

Your updates will appear on your homescreen as beautiful and playful bubbles.

For Android 4.4 and up, the following features are available:
* Quick access to all of your notifications * Freeze the bubbles by tapping outside, then close the notification by tapping the close icon
Here's what you'll find:
* Easy access to text messages and missed calls\s* Simply pop the bubble to read and reply\s* Choose between different bubble styles\s* Customize bubble colors\s* Select one touch to show up as a heart, with super fast calling and texting
* The bubbles can be coloured in a variety of ways * With bubbles and amazing snowflakes, this is a lovely winter theme.

Additional information: * Select Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper to instal this live wallpaper. Notification access must be allowed in order to receive updates in a bubble. Notification Access can be found under Settings -> Notification Access. To make the bubbles float over your own backdrop, set any picture as the background first, then set notification bubbles as your live wallpaper, and it will use your new static wallpaper as the background. If you imported your Facebook contact photos, they will not appear in the bubbles. This is contingent on how your phone's vendor stores the images.

If you have any ideas for changes, please let us know.

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Monday, 8 March 2021

GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker, HUD, Odometer App

This is a GPS Speedometer and Odometer software that measures the speed of all types of transportation in real time in kph (kilometres per hour), mph (miles per hour), knot, or m/s.

Have you ever wondered how far a bus would travel? What is the speed of the vehicle when you are on the train? This gauge speedometer or speed tracker will show your current speed in real time whether you are travelling by train, car, bike, skateboard, cruise, or aeroplane, as long as your phone receives a sufficient amount of GPS signal. It's also a great speedometer app if your car's speedometer is broken. For a temporary substitute, you might use this gauge speedometer, speed tester, GPS tracker, mph metre, or speed tracker.

HUD (Head up display) option for car speed tracker (kph metre): HUD (Head up display) is a very useful feature when driving at night in a car. The HUD feature reflects the light from your phone to show the car speed metre in kph or mph on the windshield. You can now keep your eyes on the road while monitoring your speed in kilometres per hour or miles per hour.

It's a kph metre, mph metre, speed metre, odometer, speedometer, speed tracker, or whatever name you want to give it.

Speedometer in a car or on a bicycle Note: The system GPS is needed for this gauge speedometer and odometer(mileage) app(speed app, kmh metre). Make sure the GPS speedometer and odometer software has permission to use the phone's location service.

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Fake GPS App

Set your phone's location to anywhere in the world with a single click, and use this software to improve or test other apps' ability to monitor GPS data without needing to capture a GPS signal.

To ensure that the app runs smoothly, the following is required:
1 - You must enable "Allow Mock Locations" in the Development Settings.
2 - To prevent receiving cached mock locations after stopping Fake GPS, switch location mode to "GPS Only" or disable Location Services entirely. If this happens, search our support section inside the app.
3. Before you run your app, make sure you run Fake GPS first.

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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Scrabble Dictionary: Word Checker & Anagram Finder App

 For settling Scrabble disputes or improving gameplay, this is the go-to Scrabble dictionary guide. Definitions from a dictionary are used. It's all done in the background.

•Word Lists: —- OSPD6 - 6th edition of the Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary (USA, Canada, and Thailand)
—- Collins Scrabble Words 2019 (CSW19) (International scrabble dictionary)
—- NWL18 - Club and Tournament Word List 2018 (tournament dictionary for USA, Canada, and Thailand)

• Scrabble Word Checker: —- Search the scrabble dictionary for terms —- Look up words in a dictionary that has over 100,000 entries.

• Anagram solver: —- Instantly solve anagrams, supports blank tiles —- Repair specific letters in position

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Learn computer keyboard shortcut keys App

 In everyone's life, education is the most important factor. We must also master all of the fundamentals of computer science. So, first and foremost, we must learn the fundamental shortcut keys.

This application aids in the learning of computer shortcut keys; all computer shortcuts are defined in simple terms, and it is the best computer shortcut app available.

This application contains a total of 7000+ shortcut keys, each with a brief summary.

The majority of users prefer computer photoshop shortcut keys, excel shortcut keys, computer shortcut keys, and tally shortcut keys, which are all organised in an a to z computer shortcut key order.

Furthermore, this programme is fully offline and does not require internet access.

All of the shortcut keys in Microsoft Word, as well as all of the keyboard shortcut keys. You will also learn all kinds of windows keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft office keys, keyboard shortcuts, all shortcut keys, windows shortcuts, and device sort key. Control key shortcuts, common computer shortcut keys, keyboard commands, and ctrl shortcuts are all all associated with keyboard shortcuts.

We will learn the basic fundamentals of computers in school, but if we do not know how to use computer shortcut keys, we are not good at fundamentals. As a result, you can learn about machine fundamentals in this app.

This app can be beneficial to all computer science students, as well as students in all schools and colleges.

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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Free Calm Sleep: Improve your Sleep for Free

Do you have trouble sleeping?
The calm sleep app is the world's only free sleep app with relaxing sleep sounds and ambiences that will help you sleep better or get more out of your short naps. Top sleep experts recommended and verified the sleep sounds in our app. Try these anxiety-relieving guided meditations with soothing music. Perfect life-changing app for beginners who can commit to 5-minute, 10-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute mindfulness sessions.

Our primary goal is to help you relax as you fall asleep or prepare for short naps. Taking short naps or getting enough sleep at work can help you focus, breathe, stay calm, and clear your mind.

The Calm Sleep app is a great sleep app for those who want to get a good night's sleep, a quick and powerful nap, and a smooth wake-up. The calm sleep app teaches you how to sleep well, wake up easily, and take a strong quick nap in order to clear your mind and focus on daily tasks. Wind downs, sleep music, and other techniques can help you get a good night's sleep. For themed meditation, check out the mini meditation courses.

Users of the Calm sleep app do not need any prior experience with meditation; our app will teach you everything you need to know to achieve meditative and powerful sleep. The calm sleep app will assist you in the following areas:

Powerful naps and snoozes
Insomnia Can Be Relieved With A Better & Easier Sleep
Boost Your Mood & Concentration
Anxiety and stress relief

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Text Expander, Text Replacement • Texpand App

Tired of typing the same text over and over—your phone number, email, canned responses?

Texpand will assist you.

Simply create a shortcut (such as "addrs"), and Texpand will replace it with a longer term, saving you time and effort.


Make a list of your most used phrases and create shortcuts for them. To extend a shortcut, type room. Any keyboard will work with it. Change the case of the expression depending on the shortcut case. As you type, you'll see shortcut suggestions. To undo, press the backspace key. Exceptionally adaptable Insert the date/time, the contents of the clipboard, and more. Synonyms for backup/restore 'Dark' mode Phrases for searching Sort phrases by name, frequency of use, and so on...

High-End Features

Drop the 10-shortcut limit to allow for unlimited shortcuts.
Lists of phrases: Choose from a list of phrases by typing one shortcut.
Google Drive synchronisation: With Tasker's help, you can keep your phrases backed up and in sync: In your words, use tasker variables to cause tasker behaviour.

Text Input Assistant is a programme that helps you type text into a computer.

You can use Text Input Assistant to use your phrases in applications that don't fit with Texpand: txpnd-assistant (

Easily access phrases from any app using a notification, fingerprint gesture, accessibility icon, or fast settings tile. Copy and paste phrases automatically Clipboard manager is a programme for managing the clipboard. Drag and drop phrases between apps that aren't compatible.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Keyboard Themes For Android App

Our new Android keyboard app, Keyboard Themes For Android, was made just for you! This fantastic app will revolutionise the way you compose text messages!

What you get with one of the best keyboard apps: a beautiful keyboard for SMS or Messenger; customization of your keyboard with fantastic fonts and fun sounds; the ability to make the best personalised keyboard by using your favourite picture as a theme;

Now is the time to download Keyboard Themes For Android and start taking advantage of its amazing features and exclusive designs! It was designed to work with the majority of Android versions! Don't forget to tell your friends about this fantastic keyboard themes app.

Download the app; set Keyboard Themes For Android as the active and default keyboard; choose from a library of beautiful keyboard themes; For your new keyboard, you can also get one of the compatible Android themes for free.

You can use the best keyboard apps with their default settings or with any of the following additional features:
new fonts, awesome themes, one-of-a-kind sounds, and various button sizes and shapes

Today, download Keyboard Themes For Android and give it a try! Please rate and review it if you like it!

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10000 +Life Hacks Offline App

This life tips app is a free and simple-to-use app that contains a variety of life tips in various categories such as technology tricks, health and beverages, money savers, and so on. You will learn a lot of useful information and tricks from these life tips to make your life simpler and more enjoyable. This app would be very useful to you, and you can easily share the life tips with your classmates or friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps. For instance, consider the following suggestions:

Unexpected Life Hacks are 1000 offline life hacks to help you change your day. Do you want to make your daily life more fun and less difficult?

1. Take a drink of coffee before adding sugar; you won't need as much sugar after that so it will taste sweeter.
2. Using your phone when it is charging will cause the battery to be damaged. This explains why charger cables are so short.

Core Features: Various categories of tips, easy searching of tips, and daily life tips for you to learn quickly.
The user interface is stunning.

Categories of advice:

Technology, Tips, Food and Drinks, Health and Fitness, Money Saving Tips, Life Tips, Party Survival Brainy, Self Defense, Travel Learning and Study Boosters, Home Decor Hacks For Girls, Summer Hacks, Communication Office Work, Pet Hacks, Car Hacks, Productivity 

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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

XOS Icon pack App

All stock INFINIX XOS icons and wallpapers are included in the Icon pack. All of the included icons are 144x144 pixels in size.

This theme is compatible with all big Android launchers, including Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, Action, Trebuchet (CyanogenMod), and many others...

If you have no idea what this app is about, DO NOT RATE IT!
Thank you for:
Infinix Mobility is a corporation that specialises in mobility.
Xos Development Party

Before accepting any negative review, please e-mail us with your problems/suggestions.

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Screenshot App

This is a free Android app that lets you take screenshots and handle them in a user-friendly manner. It is fully accessible and has an outstanding user experience. Its strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use.

• Take screenshots on your phone and tablet 

• Display and manage screenshots in gallery view (multiple pick support) and single screenshot view

 • Pause (timer) in seconds before taking screen (screenshot after countdown) 

• On-screen shutter button (overlay icon) that is visible on top of all screens and allows you to capture screen exactly when pressed

• Save and share screenshots via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Instagram, Dropbox, and a variety of other platforms...
• Crop and edit captured screens 

• Delete unnecessary screenshots 

• Display or cover status bar 

• Play shutter sound and vibrate on screenshot 

• Support for screenshots android system directory 

• Notification icon is hidden away during capturing 

• No root needed, however some functions might not be available on unrooted devices

• Visit to learn more about us. 

• Contact Us: 

• Our Privacy Policy:

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Monday, 1 March 2021

True Amps | Edge Lighting ❤️ App

True Amps | Edge Lighting will activate ONLY when your device is charging and will deactivate when the device is unplugged. No intrusive ads, no nonsense, just simply a unique charging animation experience. Our app is free and was designed to use 0 percent CPU, and low system resources.

It will provide you with information such as notifications, clock, and will allow you to control your music while your device is charging; It supports fast charge, slow USB , and wireless battery charge.

🌟 Awesome Features 🌟

• Always on display
• Fingerprint unlock
• Edge lighting, vibration, pulse, or deactivation to notify you when battery is full
• Battery charging animation
• Works on any Android Device

• Shows battery details such as volts, temperature, health, and type
• Charging speed display via USB, AC, or WIRELESS
• Music controls with play, pause, and skip
• Tasker support
• Wave animation, particles, and much more
• Low system resources
• Swipe-able notification, swipe left to dismiss, swipe right to hide
• Show weather
• Add app shortcuts and access them right from the screen
• Clickable notifications with action buttons
• Screen brightness adjustment
• SMS Reply directly from AOD screen
• Dark & Light theme
• Over 40+ language support

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Edge Gestures App

Now you can do something quickly just by simple gesture on the screen edge.
Supports many different gesture types: Tap, Double tap, Long press, Swipe, Swipe and hold, Pull and slide, and Pie controls

* Supported actions:
1. launching an application or a shortcut.
2. soft key: back, home, recent apps.
3. expanding the status bar: notifications or quick settings.
4. scroll to start. (Android 6.0 or higher)
5. power dialog.
6. adjusting brightness or media volume.
7. fast scroll.
8. toggle split screen.
9. switch to the previous app.

The edge area also can be customised for thickness, length and position.
And this app requires only the permission that are needed!

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