YourSlice - Smart App Blocker

Sunday, 14 February 2021

YourSlice - Smart App Blocker

Uniquely Built & Conceptualized App to help you concentrate and improve productivity.
By building your Time Slices and using Apps only at Allocated Times, schedule & break your regular phone use.

To help you stay focused and improve efficiency, YourSlice is a smart digital solution. This unique idea allows you to create "Timeslices" in the designated time period for particular groups of apps to be used and blocks their usage for the rest of the day.

These distinctive app features will enable you to challenge yourself against digital distraction:

Slice your day: Slice your day!

Timeslices are parts of your day that you set aside for a group of apps to be used. To break the addiction to mobile,

The Slice Clock: Your Timetable of Slices!

The YourSlice dashboard consists of a Slice Clock that allows you to understand which slices are due at which time in your day. On the clock, and slice is represented by its chosen color.

List of Daily Timeslice: What, Where, Where?

For easy access, a list of all the slices you produce for your day is shown on the dashboard. Any slice can be edited according to your convenience at any time.

Lock the time slice!

All the options for that slice are set by locking a time slice. The apps can not be deleted from the time slice, but new ones can be introduced. Helping you improve self-control, thus.

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