WhatsTool for WhatsApp - WABox (Toolkit/Toolbox) App

Thursday, 18 February 2021

WhatsTool for WhatsApp - WABox (Toolkit/Toolbox) App

Now, to get any extra features, you don't have to download loads of applications.

Features for WhatsTool Toolkit

· WhatsShake
This feature helps you to open wa on your phone screen at any time, even when you only shake your device using another app. After you delete it from the new software, this feature will still function.

· Story Saver
We've seen so many stories of our contacts on wa every day and some are so appealing that we want to save it or re-post it as our story, now this feature will save the stories you've seen on your computer.

Whatsweb Whatsweb
You can use multiple wa by just scanning the QR Code by using this feature, but not just that you can lock whatsweb, fingerprint chats for free for the very first time now

· Cleaner
Some files are stored on your computer that take up some space each time you send some kind of messages to your person. You can clear the junk files automatically in just one tap by using this function.

· Direct Chat

· Stickers
Recently, we have added stickers and we have added 15+ fun creative WAStickers that you can use to easily express your feelings, and every weekend we add new stickers.

· Blank Messages
Troll up and impress your mates by giving them blank messages. You can send empty WA texts with this feature, but you can also copy the empty text into your clipboard so that you can place your WA status and other social networks on it.

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