Video Downloader for Facebook App

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Video Downloader for Facebook App

Would you like to import videos from Facebook?
Well, you're on the right page of the app.

How is it used?
1. Click 'Post' on the Facebook app.
2. Select "More Options..."
3. Choose an app called 'Facebook Video Downloader.'
4. Choose the video quality needed (Recommended HD).

Your Facebook video is now automatically downloaded and will sync to your Gallery instantly when it is done.

Facebook videos can also be downloaded in other forms.
Thanks for uploading the Facebook video ⁇

1. Select "••" from the Facebook app on the top right of the page.
2. "Choose "Link Copy.
3. Open an app called "Facebook Video Downloader."
4. Choose the video quality needed (Recommended HD).


1. Log into the Facebook Video Downloader app on Facebook

2. Navigate to the appropriate Facebook video.
3. To download or play it, click on the Facebook video.

Noteworthy Features:
* Preserve your privacy - download a non-login facebook video(*).
* HD video download support.
* To download the requested Facebook video quickly and easily.
* History, Cancelable download, Multitasking.
* Note when a download has been completed.
* Video Player built-in.
* Built-in Web Browser if you want to use the software to browse Facebook.
* With 3 modes, control your downloaded videos.
* Watch the downloaded video, offline, share, repost, delete, view info.
* Adjust the location of the download.
* * open.

Install this great Facebook Video Downloader app and start downloading the video from Facebook now!

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