Touch Protector (The Best of Touch Disabling Apps) App

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Touch Protector (The Best of Touch Disabling Apps) App

Touch Protector is a screen lock application that prevents the touch screen and physical buttons from operating accidentally. This app disables other apps' touch operations on your screen. It's the most customizable one, and no advertisements are available!

Contact Protector varies from ordinary applications for screen locking. To check it out, please watch the video below.

The best of the Touch Disabling software, Touch Protector

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A simple app that disables touch screen and physical button operations, Touch Protector is a simple app, but it has many useful uses.
- The map does not change when walking while looking at a map app, even if you touch the screen.
- During video recording, locking the camera allows you to enjoy different camera work without worrying about accidental operation.
- When using your phone as a motorcycle navigation system, an accidental operation due to raindrops can be prevented.
- You can lock it and place a piece of paper on it when tracing a displayed image.
- If you show someone a photo, you can lock it and give it to them in order to prevent them from seeing other pictures.
— etc.

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