Touch Block Free - screen , touch , block App

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Touch Block Free - screen , touch , block App

This software is intended to reduce accidental touches on devices with displays that are bezel-less.
Clear filters are mounted on both edges of the screen to prevent taps from being detected in those regions.

This app frees you from your smartphone's burden of having to be extremely careful.

Full-screen monitor applications such as YouTube and Netflix make it possible to inadvertently register taps.
Via Touch Block Free, realize true comfort.

■ Block by app automatically
Turns the blocking feature ON or OFF automatically when it detects that the app you've mentioned has been started or closed.
For apps that are prone to errors, such as YouTube, you can set the software to automatically turn on the blocking feature.

■ One-tap switch for ON/OFF
Use the shortcut, widget, fast panel, or notification panel to switch the blocking feature ON/OFF with one tap.

The free version has a 30-time trial limit for shortcuts / widgets / fast panels to auto-block and block execution. Blocking execution from in-app buttons does not have a limit.
Without any limitations, the PRO edition can be used.

This software uses usability services for users.
By using user usability resources, the app detects which applications have been launched or closed.
Based on this information, when a specified app is launched, the app automatically switches the block function on and then switches the function off when the app is closed.

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