StayOff - Screen Time Tracker + Phone Usage Limit App

Monday, 8 February 2021

StayOff - Screen Time Tracker + Phone Usage Limit App

StayOff - Your screen time, Tracker for phone use

Every day, save hours! Blocker of applications. Get to sleep easier! Limit your time on the computer

How much screen time is used by my applications?

  • I've got sleep issues!
  • · I'm sad.
  • I want to restrict the use of phones so I can do my hobbies!
  • I want to curb my addiction to phones!
  • ⁇ Should I watch YouTube too much?
  • I want less games to play!

⁇ Is this you? Try 'StayOff' now and get some screen space!

*** StayOff® *** StayOff ***

In one app, the finest screen time tracker and app blocker!

  • Free Comprehensive screen time, every day, every week, of your phone time
  • Free software Monitoring how many times you open applications
  • Free Weekly and Monthly Overview

You're spending more time on your phone, hour after hour. Sliding into phone addiction is so easy.
This is what we want to avoid:
There are so many things that are fun that can be done instead.

Using the phone hurts you in two ways.
1. Using your phone before bed makes it even harder for you to sleep. It is extremely important to sleep!
2. After waking up, using the phone first will cause you to be less happy for the rest of the day!

Your digital well-being during the day is important, but for longevity and wellness, good sleep is essential.

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