Smart Kit 360 App

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Smart Kit 360 App

Using just one multi-purpose app to do a lot!

Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one app and is half the size of a popular application such as compass, converter or a ringtone maker app for a "standalone tool" Searching for all the regular resources you need can save you a lot of disk space, time and frustration!

Key Functionalities
Small Dimension
It is possible to replace over 40 apps with one app.
Has the most widely used software functionality
One quick tap on your home screen to build shortcuts
Tools are grouped according to various categories, so finding them is very easy.

Utility • Efficiency • Estimate • Conversion • Navigation & Measurement Resources

The Smart Package 360 integrates many features in a special way.

1. Monitor for Heart Rate
Using a computer camera to monitor the heart rate and observe a real-time pulse map. A easy way of getting details about your health is to check your pulse.

2. Translator Translator (All languages)
Simple operations quickly convert words from one language to another.

3. Multilingual Glossary
Free online dictionaries for almost every language that exists.

4. Timer of Exercises
For all of your gym or home workouts, Ultimate fitness partner.

5. Cache Cleaner, Booster for RAM
Keep a clean phone! Clean junk files, cache, and boost RAM for your computer.

6. Saver Power Batteries
Save and prolong the life of your battery with this simple one-tap optimizer.

7. Audio Meter, Sound Meter

Track the level of present sound pressure and its spectrum.

8. Map map
Get directions quicker, display your current position on the map and share coordinates with your GPS.

For most of your outdoor activities, always get the correct directions in your hand.

10. The Magnifier
Magnify small items which are difficult to see. It also contains a light with a flash.

11. Mirroring
And at night, see yourself using the front facing camera.

Use your camera and your imaginary weight to calculate the slope of any piece.

13. Audio, Cutter for Video
Pick the section you want to cut and the remainder will be managed by this method.

14. Detector of Metal
Detect and observe the magnetic field of surrounding materials on a real time map. 

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