Screen Size / DPI and Dev Info App

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Screen Size / DPI and Dev Info App

ScreenInfo offers users and developers valuable knowledge about their screen and qualifications for configuration. It works on all sizes of computers, in both portrait and landscape orientations, and it can rely on the dimensions of the application window on larger displays. The text and graphic displays can be obtained on smaller computers, such as handsets, by swiping left and right.

The configuration qualifier names that can be used to supply alternative tools such as layouts, drawables or strings are an especially useful function for developers.

It tells you, for both users and developers:

- The default pixel display size (px) and pixel independent density (dip / dp)

- Density in dots per inch recorded (DPI)
- Estimated physical dimensions of the panel in inches and cm - for known devices.

Some device specifics from the Android.os.Build class (MODEL, PRODUCT, BOARD, and DEVICE) and all the current configuration qualifier names are shown to developers in the order they are used:

- Mobile country code for mobile devices (derived)
—The Expression (derived)
- Language/area (derived)
- Path of the layout (API v17 / 4.2 and above only)
- The resolution of the screen
- Mode of the UI
-Mode for night
- Density of screen
- Type of touchscreen
- Availability of Keyboard
- Method of primary text input
- Availability of Navigation main
- Key tool for non-touch navigation
- Edition of platform

Crucial Notes

- For *default display* - which is the screen area that can be used by apps, the sizes are given. This will not correspond with the entire display on devices where there are soft buttons on the screen (i.e. back, home, and task manager).
- The densities of xdpi, ydpi, and categories are *as stated by the device*. This may also vary drastically from the true density of the screen for your computer.
- The screen size (which is calculated from the resolution and density) is given only where the true screen density is known, due to the density problem outlined above. Please provide the device name and the details shown in the 'Device' section if your device is missing: Model, Product, and Device)

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