PIN Genie Vault- Applock, Hide Apps, Photo & Video

Monday, 15 February 2021

PIN Genie Vault- Applock, Hide Apps, Photo & Video

You can lock your favorite apps with our PIN Genie Vault and safeguard your confidential data from prying eyes on your phones. With PIN Genie Vault, secure your confidentiality now!

Besides apps, the following can also be locked by PIN Genie Vault:
Wi-Fi - Prohibit anyone from turning your Wi-Fi on / off
Bluetooth - Prohibit anyone from turning your Bluetooth on / off
Play Store - Block anyone from installing applications
⁇ Window - set the browser's password or pattern lock to prevent unauthorized entry.
Configurations - Prohibit anyone from modifying your settings

AppLock-Simple and fast locking of apps
PIN Genie Vaulthas the Applock function that can lock and secure applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,

Anti-Peep PIN Pad - Nobody is able to see your PIN
The most safe PIN lock comes with a PIN Genie Vault. With just 4 stylish keys, the magic PIN lock protects your software. Each button contains 3 numbers after each attempt and all numbers are reshuffled, making it difficult to see the PIN. The proprietary PIN pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keep your PIN from being seen by anyone, even though they are watching you reach it! ^ ⁇

Wallpaper for the lock screen and home screen of PIN Genie Vault
Amazing HD wallpaper to personalize the home screen and lock screen.

Capture Intruders alleged
PIN Genie Vault comes with an intruder option to alert you who's trying to break into your apps.

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