KinScreen 🥇 Most advanced screen control App

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

KinScreen 🥇 Most advanced screen control App

Do you find yourself poking the computer to prevent it from being switched off? Without the power button, would you like to turn your computer on? KinScreen keeps your screen on automatically when you are using your phone, but when you are not saving battery power, it turns it off faster.

To ensure the KinScreen will run in the background, please check!

Brief Synopsis
Switch on the Projector
- With a wave
- By tilting up

Turning off the projector
-By screen coverage (pocket, face down)
- By tilting down

Holding the computer on
- Holding the phone while
- by waving around the screen
-when using particular software
- while on a conference call
-throughout charging
-use the widget, QuickSettings, or notification toggle manually

Set a separate lock-screen timeout
Set a maximum time for the screen to stay on
Works in the dark, as opposed to Samsung's Smart Stay
• No ads

Originally published in 2014, KinScreen is constantly developing on the basis of user reviews and requests for functionality.

Now, install and forget to keep your computer on! When you grasp its capabilities, you can quickly find that a new gadget is missing!

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