Intruder Detector - Who Touched My Phone? App

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Intruder Detector - Who Touched My Phone? App

Catch robbers, nosy friends, a girlfriend, or someone in the act who snoops around your telephone.

Intruder Detector works to support you with that in 3 basic measures.
Stage 1. Uh, step 1. If someone tries to unlock your phone using the wrong pin, password, or pattern, the Intruder Detector uses the front camera to secretly catch their image.
The 2nd stage. In the meantime, without them noticing, the Intruder Detector finds the location and address of your computer.
Phase Three. And finally, the Intruder Detector secretly sends you an email containing complete intruder information, including the image, location, address and exact time of the incident of the intruder.

Relevant notes:
Android only identifies failed passcode attempts with at least four letters or dots.

• How to uninstall the program?
Open the app and go to the 'Config' tab to uninstall Intruder Detector, then press 'Uninstall' at the bottom of the page.
Go to Android settings, protection, system administrators, if that doesn't function, and then disable Intruder Detector before uninstallation.

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