Hidden Eye - Intruder Selfie, Eye Catching App

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Hidden Eye - Intruder Selfie, Eye Catching App

He really wanted to know who was trying to snoop on your phone when you were away. Using the Secret Eye to quickly capture all of the snoopers.

Without your permission, Hidden Eye enables you to easily see who has tried to unlock your computer.

As they attempt to reach your phone, Secret Eye will ease your task of catching your friends and family. If they try to unlock your phone with the wrong PIN, pattern or password, Hidden Eye will photograph the guy. Using this app, you will catch the snoopers red handed.

Failed attempts are detected by Android only if the passcode has at least 4 letters or points, such as Hidden Eye

You just need to check it out to see if it works on your computer. This software does not work on all devices.

How to uninstall a program?
If you want the Hidden Eye to be uninstalled, make sure to go to the Hidden Eye settings and choose Uninstall. The System Administrator will be removed after clicking Confirm to Uninstall, and the Secret Eye will be uninstalled. If that doesn't work, go to Android Settings, Protection, System Admins, and before uninstalling, disable Hidden Eye.

This app uses authorization from the System Administrator. To detect failed unlock attempts, we need this.

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