DO Multiple Accounts - Infinite Parallel Clone App

Sunday, 21 February 2021

DO Multiple Accounts - Infinite Parallel Clone App

In infinite parallel space, clone app. Cloner parallel app for different accounts! You can build and login unlimited, multiple WhatsApp, Messenger, Ins, Facebook, and other social or game app accounts for more than 2 accounts.

Log in and run more than 2 social media, receive messages and talk on one computer with friends!
Play games with multiple accounts and hold them online to get dual roles and interactions simultaneously! Enjoy many fun activities
Simple management of various accounts for social networks, separate work and personal life.

With the lightest and strongest clone engine, Do Multiple powered by River Stone Tech will help you clone your app into another separate parallel space.

With most instant messaging applications, game apps and social networking apps, Do Multiple is compatible. Google Play Service is sponsored, and you can connect to your clones with Google Play Games or other services.

Log in to your various messaging, playing, and social applications
Easily balance your life and job with several accounts.
Double game accounts and dual entertainment.
Clone data and original software are segregated.

Switching easily with just one tap between dual accounts
Run two accounts at the same time and build icons with clone tags.

Privacy Locker to safeguard your cloned account

Lite Mode for productivity in power and memory

Notification environment for administering clone notification

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