Chat Analyzer for WhatsApp App

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Chat Analyzer for WhatsApp App

Have you ever wondered, in your group chat, who is the most talkative person? Who begins the discussions the most? What are the most frequent words that are used? Have you ever wanted a fun graph of when you talk the most during the day with a special one?

Using the Chat Analyzer to evaluate your WhatsApp chats and find out the easiest way possible!
Only export the chat and send it to the app: we're going to do all the job. Nice stats and charts about your conversation will be given to you, containing all sorts of useful details. Your data will, of course, remain yours: we will never read it, save it or sell it.

Enjoy finding a way of demonstrating scientifically to your special one who talks the most.


We're NOT recording, reading or saving your chats.
We're NEVER going to read your chats and NEVER sell your info. All the chat logs are analyzed and removed from our system immediately.

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