February 2021

Sunday, 28 February 2021

ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Cartoon Yourself App

ToonApp cartoon maker is the best app to cartoon yourself in one tap. Cartoon maker offers astounding AI filters for pictures to turn photo to cartoon. You can even cartoonify photos to turn into an anime character. To finalise photo editing add an impressive layout or toon background! Convert your pics into an artistic paintings and pencil sketch drawings easily. Create an amazing art gallery using ToonApp picture editor with various cartoon app effects and beautiful photo filters. If you like anime characters this cartoon picture editor will be your new bestfriend with various digital art filters. Combine drip effect with a cartoon filter to make your vector art stunning.

๐Ÿ’–Trendy Drip Effect:
Unleash your creativity using the incredible dripping effects. Photoshop effect just in seconds thanks to the comic maker. Either blur background or change it with a fabulous anime background image! There are plenty of aesthetic dripping effects to combine with the toon me filter.

✨Magic Brush Effect:
Portrait mode of the ToonApp cartoon editor works perfectly with the brush effect. It is the easiest profile picture maker ever. Then you can use photo effects such as glowing heart, star and colour splash! For epic photo editing use cartoon portrait editor and fun cartoon maker on your beautiful pic.

๐Ÿ˜ŽAmazing Photo Filters:
In addition to cartoon face filters many vector art filters, oil painting filter and sketch art are available! Breathtaking oil painting photo editor converts your photo to painting! Also you can have a hand drawn black and white pic just in seconds thanks to the sketch effect.

๐Ÿคณ Selfie Camera Effects:
Cartoon app provides an epic selfie camera filters and effects! It finds a perfect light for you and smoothen your face. Try the cartoon camera effects and snap selfie to retouch your pic. Face tune your selfies to have a flawless cartoon face with the avatar maker.

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Computer Launcher 2 App

Are you looking for the desktop computer style Launcher on your Android? You love the new style of win 10 launcher? Check this computer style launcher available for your Android (TM) smart phones. Surprise your friends with new look style windows 11 of your Android.
Computer Launcher 2 is an excellent app for you to experience the Computer in Windows 10 Style UI.

Desktop Computer Launcher 2 Design:
Computer Launcher 2 for Win 10 is here for you (Inspired by Windows 11 concept). Customize your phone with unique look and feel of the fastest launcher. Amaze your loved one with computer look of your Android and also share it with your loved ones.

Support File manager
With built-in support of File Explorer and File Manager you can search and explore your files and Folders, Copy, Paste, Zip/Unzip, Delete Files, Share Files and can do lot more...
Explore your file system with this simple and efficient file explorer and file manager in native desktop computer design. You will be amazed at the interface that resembles my computer's directory. Computer Launcher 2 Pro is awesome!

✫ Create folder
Click on the screen then select create a folder as the folder will be created.
Network Sharing of files and folders:
Share your files and folders with other users of computer launcher 2 over WIFI network. Access your files everywhere over FTP/LAN.

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Thursday, 25 February 2021

๐Ÿ˜‚ WAStickerApps Funny Memes Stickers for WhatsApp

 This is WhatsApp (WAStickerAppsstrongest )'s meme sticker use!

It includes the widest set of memes so that you can respond to your friends with the most worthy word.

12 Stickers from Meme Collections
More than 250 Whatsapp Stickers
Share Funny and Funny Stickers WAStickerapps to react funnily to the moments

2021's best meme stickers:
- Lol Meme 

- Amusing Reply 

- Happy Memes 

- Troll Meme 

- Memes to Respond 

- Laughing Memes 

- Whatsapp Meme 

- New Memes

On your Whatsapp sticker pages, be the most funny.
On your private WhatsApp chats, reveal your comical section

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AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor for the best moments

Who says that in our pictures we can't have perfection? We believe all users should have the latest editor and filter technologies at their fingertips, and to keep up to date with editing standards, AirBrush regularly updates with new features and effects. AirBrush was designed with user-friendly retouch software, cool filter options, and natural, beautiful results to be the best photo editor!


Say goodbye to pimples and blemishes! Blemish and Pimple Remover ** You can eradicate pimples and unwanted spots with the tap of a finger with our blemish remover. To add radiance and elegance, add a swipe of blush.

Brighten Eyes and Whiten Teeth ** Whitening your teeth brings you to the next stage with your smile!

** Our "brighten" function improves your eyes to illuminate your features instantly.

In each frame, perfect skin
** Retouch, edit and even tan your skin in just a few swipes to achieve flawless, sparkling beauty! In all of your selfies and pictures, your skin will look naturally radiant! Swipe on a cool blush or red for an added bonus, to give your cheeks an extra glow.

Slim, reshape and lengthen your photo or selfie ** With a few swipes of your finger, slim, lengthen or reshape any region of your picture instantly.

Apps of Creative Retouching ** The AirBrush editor also includes tools that allow you to blur, crop, stretch, slim and tune your images for an artistic version, in addition to its HD editing functions.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Photo Background Changer- Remove Background editor App

Download the Photo Context changer and eraser software to automatically change photo backgrounds like real magic. This app allows users to one-touch erase items from the photo and apply any photo from the Internet. You don't need to be a skilled photographer who can edit and enhance images with this app. In seconds, you can convert your photos into professional-quality images. Apply history, filters and modifications to 3D images.

The Photo Context Changer is a fantastic tool for removing unwanted objects from images. This Context Editor allows users to automatically remove unwanted objects.

With incredible editing tools like 3D pictures, Amazing filters, Picture Context Eraser provides high-quality images

Why is it important to download the Picture Context changer & eraser app?

The Context Changer uses AI technique to automatically delete unnecessary objects and separate humans. In this app, human edges are just as smooth as ever before. You don't need to manually delete the background photo.

It is still difficult to delete the picture context manually! And turn your images into stickers. This photo editor enables users to automatically delete unwanted objects or people and go wherever they want. Easily cut out and share with your mates the part of a picture you would like to make a sticker of.

  1. Develop unlimited stickers and save your PNG image. 
  2. 1 touch picture background editor. 
  3. To use 3D images

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StoryCut - Video Editor & Viva App

With all latest vmate trend effects, video maker & clip editing features, StoryCut is the best professional video editor & video maker app for vmate: video editing, video trim, crop video, blur video, mixing videos, splicing videos, splitting videos, cutting videos, compressing videos, adding subtitles, video filters, and video music to create new vmate video trends.

More adorable custom adhesives, themes & special effects add beauty to your short film! Sharing your high-quality videos with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, vmate video app and other social media now with one swipe!

Special features of Vmate Video editing

  1. Video editor for Keyframe animation to apply motion to layers.
  2. More magical effects of Vmate, including Fire, Magic Funny double exposure, connect video & image to the video of vmate.
  3. Choose from hundreds of cool, seamless transitions to animate between video clips from vmate.
  4. To enhance your vmate footage, several film-level filters: landscape, portrait, movie, film, food, VHS, etc.
  5. Hundreds of static and dynamic sticker content, such as scribbles, starlight, handwriting, vlog, cartoon, emoji, etc., to make cool and pleasant music videos
  6. 30+ text types and fonts for more creative editing/cropping of videos or movies.
  7. Extract and use music from other videos in your VMATE video clips.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Live Earth Map - Satellite View, World Map 3D App

With live satellite view and 3D terrain of the entire globe and 3D buildings in thousands of cities around the world, explore the Live Earth Map from above. You can use Live Earth Map HD and Live Satellite View. Live satellite map is a variety of live live maps with full earth view, street view 360 panorama streaming and real-time live satellite tour without taking the pain of travel. Real-time Earth map is the smallest live world discovery app that provides HD images of popular places, 3D charts, live street views, and real-time live earth views. When there is a time to explore the globe, broadcasting live Earth spots makes the tour real in a sense of offering a living view of the earth,

Live Earth Map Features - Satellite View, World Map 3D app:

  1. Get a realistic satellite view on the screen and a street view
  2. High quality 360 panorama view with additional data
  3. Real Time Live Earth Map Available 24/7
  4. Scan your home and another location via live satellite viewing
  5. Simple to use & user experience friendly
  6. Searching by name, street number or city address for any place
  7. Simple to find a Live Map Navigation route
  8. Enjoy the view from the room - Voyager View Satellite View
  9. Up to date map, 2019 GPS world map
  10. See live satellite views of your map of your home and neighborhood.
  11. Satellite View Live Planet Map, World Map 3D app Free for all

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Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers) App

A place where you can find backgrounds that make it interesting for you each day.
-OGQ Backgrounds has produced 120 million downloads worldwide!
More than 2.4 million users got 4.6 out of 5.0 ratings and wrote feedback!
New backgrounds are posted every day, including images, photos, illustrations and watches!

Four forms of OGQ Context uniqueness!
[Live watch] Discover real context moving watches!
[Live history] With vibrant images, set your background!
[Image] Check out our pictures that suit your taste and illustrations!

[Gallery] Enjoy our gallery of famous creators from all over the globe!

OGQ Backgrounds: Five appealing points!

Maybe our backgrounds aren't as good as the images you took with all your heart. But what histories mean to us can never be forgotten. Every day, we will do all our utmost to provide you with valuable experiences!

[Required] Intent of the app user authority seeking permission prior to installation
[WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE]: This is the authority needed to allow user interface backgrounds to be stored in storage.
[READ EXTERNAL STORAGE]: This is the authority needed to review the backgrounds that have been saved and upload the photos chosen from the user album.

We pledge not to selectively store or use users' important data and we will always listen to your respected opinions.

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Monday, 22 February 2021

Voice Notebook - continuous speech to text App

A speech-to-text program that allows voice notes to be taken and stored locally or sent to cloud providers. Supports a customizable list of replaceable words and voice input punctuation; ongoing speech recognition; control of letter capitalization; undo order, triggered by a button or by voice, for the last speech input. In online and offline mode, speech can be recognized (offline mode not available for some devices,languages). It includes counters for words and characters. Convenient for the input of bilingual voices. Export notes to or from the Documents or Download folder to any text application. Text files can be imported from file managers or Google Drive. For a convenient start, it has a widget.

Job requirements:
1. The application uses voice input from Google, so Google Software must be enabled and updated(!) on the computer (phone or tablet) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? Identifier=com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox
2. It is desirable to have an Internet connection to enhance speech recognition, and you will need to add a language pack for local voice recognition. If the Internet is lost without a local language kit, the application stops and returns an error. Read the Program Support to install the kit.

The Premium mode eliminates commercials and has settings for:
Control Mode Saving (gives you more time for dictation)
"Always on Screen" mode with dictation without stopping

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Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker

With Photoshop Express, a fun, quick, and simple image editor for one-touch transformations and photo edits used by millions of creative people, you can tap into your creativity on the go. Create pro-looking photographs on your mobile device with an easy-to-use digital workshop.

At your fingertips, Photoshop Express provides a wide range of instruments and effects. Personalize your sticker maker experiences, boost color gradients and imagery, create pic collages, produce memes, make fast fixes, and increase your moments worth sharing.

Fix crooked pictures immediately and correct skewed camera angles.

Smooth graininess, color noise reduction

To build movement, use radial blur to fade out backgrounds and change focus to specific subjects or complete blur.

Use the sticker creator to customize images, create memes and captions, style your text with a large variety of fonts and formats, add borders and frames, and custom watermark stamp creations.

Dehaze images in a scene to eliminate fog, add dramatic image filters, and slide quickly to change color temperature, vibrance, and other color effects.

Build compilations of professional quality by inserting layouts of the ready-to-use picture grid and changing borders

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Sunday, 21 February 2021

DO Multiple Accounts - Infinite Parallel Clone App

In infinite parallel space, clone app. Cloner parallel app for different accounts! You can build and login unlimited, multiple WhatsApp, Messenger, Ins, Facebook, and other social or game app accounts for more than 2 accounts.

Log in and run more than 2 social media, receive messages and talk on one computer with friends!
Play games with multiple accounts and hold them online to get dual roles and interactions simultaneously! Enjoy many fun activities
Simple management of various accounts for social networks, separate work and personal life.

With the lightest and strongest clone engine, Do Multiple powered by River Stone Tech will help you clone your app into another separate parallel space.

With most instant messaging applications, game apps and social networking apps, Do Multiple is compatible. Google Play Service is sponsored, and you can connect to your clones with Google Play Games or other services.

Log in to your various messaging, playing, and social applications
Easily balance your life and job with several accounts.
Double game accounts and dual entertainment.
Clone data and original software are segregated.

Switching easily with just one tap between dual accounts
Run two accounts at the same time and build icons with clone tags.

Privacy Locker to safeguard your cloned account

Lite Mode for productivity in power and memory

Notification environment for administering clone notification

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Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault

The BEST AppLock & Private Gallery, which supports over 30 languages, is Lockdown Pro.Lockout Pro: XDA-Developers.com Top 5 App of the year.


  1. AppLock: lock any applications down.
  2. Personal gallery: Hide photographs and videos (support .gif image).
  3. Three modes of passwords: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock & Lock Calculator.
  4. Supported Fingerprint for Samsung devices and some Android Marshmallow devices
  5. Smart lock: auto lock/unlock with smart watch, wifi address for car or use, venue.
  6. Observer: Submit some information and images of the person who wants to access your phone by email.
  7. Fake cover: When you open an app that has been locked, this function will fake a crash dialogue cover.
  8. Topics shop (so many beautiful themes with Material design for your choice).
  9. Screen timeout: While running a registered program, the screen will never turn off.
  10. Auto-Rotate: Your device's screen will not auto-rotate while the registered app is running.
  11. Hide App Icon icon (Remove Lockdown Pro icon on App Draw & Home screen).
  12. Quick to use, lovely Material Design UI, ripple animation 

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Chat Analyzer for WhatsApp App

Have you ever wondered, in your group chat, who is the most talkative person? Who begins the discussions the most? What are the most frequent words that are used? Have you ever wanted a fun graph of when you talk the most during the day with a special one?

Using the Chat Analyzer to evaluate your WhatsApp chats and find out the easiest way possible!
Only export the chat and send it to the app: we're going to do all the job. Nice stats and charts about your conversation will be given to you, containing all sorts of useful details. Your data will, of course, remain yours: we will never read it, save it or sell it.

Enjoy finding a way of demonstrating scientifically to your special one who talks the most.


We're NOT recording, reading or saving your chats.
We're NEVER going to read your chats and NEVER sell your info. All the chat logs are analyzed and removed from our system immediately.

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WhatsTool for WhatsApp - WABox (Toolkit/Toolbox) App

Now, to get any extra features, you don't have to download loads of applications.

Features for WhatsTool Toolkit

· WhatsShake
This feature helps you to open wa on your phone screen at any time, even when you only shake your device using another app. After you delete it from the new software, this feature will still function.

· Story Saver
We've seen so many stories of our contacts on wa every day and some are so appealing that we want to save it or re-post it as our story, now this feature will save the stories you've seen on your computer.

Whatsweb Whatsweb
You can use multiple wa by just scanning the QR Code by using this feature, but not just that you can lock whatsweb, fingerprint chats for free for the very first time now

· Cleaner
Some files are stored on your computer that take up some space each time you send some kind of messages to your person. You can clear the junk files automatically in just one tap by using this function.

· Direct Chat

· Stickers
Recently, we have added stickers and we have added 15+ fun creative WAStickers that you can use to easily express your feelings, and every weekend we add new stickers.

· Blank Messages
Troll up and impress your mates by giving them blank messages. You can send empty WA texts with this feature, but you can also copy the empty text into your clipboard so that you can place your WA status and other social networks on it.

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Partial Screen Pro App

If you have a broken, damaged or faulty display, all kinds of accidental, random, arbitrary, self, ghost, etc. appear All the same, but the same unwanted touch.
Then, in those sections of the screen where they appear, this program can help you block the touch.
It means intercepting all kinds of touches and gestures in the specified zone by blocking the touch.

There are two kinds of touch-locking areas to be added - automatic and manual modes.
After running the automatic screen analysis, all touches are intercepted to identify the lock zones for the established time interval.
The intercepted clicks are analyzed, minimized and combined into zones with blocked touches when the analysis ends.

You need to add the necessary lock area yourself in the manual mode. Select 'Add manual region' and place on the screen the area of your desired size.
It is also possible to track those parts of the screen where spontaneous touches occur within the touch detector.

For the two types of blocking, the first two state switches are at the top of the screen. Enable both if you are using Auto and Manual Mode added zones.

You can: select active / inactive areas in the Area Manager, change the area's color, size and position, delete unnecessary ones.

It is also possible to choose the color and radius in the settings for the rounding of the corners of the screen.

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Touch Protector (The Best of Touch Disabling Apps) App

Touch Protector is a screen lock application that prevents the touch screen and physical buttons from operating accidentally. This app disables other apps' touch operations on your screen. It's the most customizable one, and no advertisements are available!

Contact Protector varies from ordinary applications for screen locking. To check it out, please watch the video below.

The best of the Touch Disabling software, Touch Protector
Microsoft https://youtu.be/gZd1FaOSSDQ

Features The Features

Features for Donation

Convenient Cases for use
A simple app that disables touch screen and physical button operations, Touch Protector is a simple app, but it has many useful uses.
- The map does not change when walking while looking at a map app, even if you touch the screen.
- During video recording, locking the camera allows you to enjoy different camera work without worrying about accidental operation.
- When using your phone as a motorcycle navigation system, an accidental operation due to raindrops can be prevented.
- You can lock it and place a piece of paper on it when tracing a displayed image.
- If you show someone a photo, you can lock it and give it to them in order to prevent them from seeing other pictures.
— etc.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

8.1 Metro Look Launcher 2021 - Theme, Smart, DIY App

8.1 The Look Launcher 2021 Metro! Give your phone a whole new look with one of the best themes for 2020. This is one of Android's most popular launchers. The 8.1 Metro Look Launcher 2021 offers you a new unique style, clear & easy to use, quicker and smoother performance metro look, beautifully crafted multicolored metro themes, highly customizable, lower battery consumption!!

Enjoy the free 8.1 Metro Look Launcher 2021 Full Edition launcher!

8.1 Metro Look Launcher is the ideal app for embracing your phone's latest look. This app is designed to experience a full UI in color. 8.1 The Metro Look Launcher is a very simple and easy-to-use launcher that will give your Android phone a metro look.

Simple & Fast:
8.1 The Metro Look Launcher is very quick and easy to use, and also very fast and faster.

Themes Elegant:
8.1 Metro Look Launcher gives you a really beautiful range of themes. It offers 20 beautiful multicolor themes that give your Android phone an elegant and exclusive look.

Function Drag & Drop:
Launcher provides users with the facility to drag and drop the tile anywhere on the screen by pressing the tile for a long time.

Customizing the icons or Customization & DIY:
8.1 Metro Look Launcher 2021 is very highly customisable. With a long click on the tile, the user can customize each tile. It offers more than 49 colors that can be set in the background and for the color of the tile.

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Phone X Full i Call Screen With Dialer App

HD OS11 PhoneX Dialer and Call Screen is a nice full HD phone X I call Caller ID screen, now in your android smartphones, I dialer screen similar to OS11.
Download the HD Phone X I Call Screen OS11 Dialer app and enjoy the Phone X 5, 5s, SE, 6,6splus 7, and 7plus 8 and 8Plus UI wallpaper context unlimited free HD icall screen Style calling theme features
Receive incoming calls and send outgoing calls in the same way you do on a phone.

Please read all of the Free Phone Unlimited PhoneX Full Caller Screen features as follows:
Call Screen 8: Using I callscreen phone X and 8 UI calls interface style, enjoy your unlimited free incoming and outgoing cell phone or other networks.Users can also handle or set rington, HD backgrounds, and also set machine gallery images for wallpapers.
This Caller Dual SIM screen is supported.

Enhanced Calling from this phone dialer app: Just go to the phone dialer, punch the number or check for the contact name like you always do. Get feelings from I dialer OS11 of phone X 8 and plus through the use of this dialer.
Smart T9 Exterior Scan.

Call Back Screen: Easy to use HD callback screen and with whatsapp, messenger, call recording, add contact options to experience quick callback.

Call Blocker: For personal or security purposes, you can now easily block numbers to avoid unwanted phone calls and selected contacts.

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Monday, 15 February 2021

Calculator Photo Vault: Hide Private Pics & Videos

Don't risk deleting or seeing your private photo archives, hidden videos or protected files when people use your computer! Enter Keepsafe: the highest-rated and safest photo locker app for millions of individuals who trust their personal files.

Calculator Vault Photo helps you to:
Hide your videos and pictures behind a calculator
Protected images behind a PIN, fingerprint or pattern
For fast recovery, backup your photographs
Free up room with cloud sync on your phone

Calculator is a photo locker software that enables personal photographs and photo albums or secret videos to be concealed and locked behind several security layers. The calculator is also useful for storing your images to free up space on your laptop.

Image Locker calculator Features:

Disguised and inconspicuous - This disguises your photo vault as either a virus scanner or a calculator.
All behind a lock - Using a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint, your images are safe.
Sync files or videos - Your encrypted Private Cloud safely syncs all of your devices with your photos, albums and videos.
For quick recovery, back up images or videos - Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen or destroyed!

• Secure Send photo sharing - Confidently share private images: monitor how long your photo is seen by the recipient — photos vanish 20 seconds after they are sent.
In your recently used apps list, Keepsafe also doesn't turn up!

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PIN Genie Vault- Applock, Hide Apps, Photo & Video

You can lock your favorite apps with our PIN Genie Vault and safeguard your confidential data from prying eyes on your phones. With PIN Genie Vault, secure your confidentiality now!

Besides apps, the following can also be locked by PIN Genie Vault:
Wi-Fi - Prohibit anyone from turning your Wi-Fi on / off
Bluetooth - Prohibit anyone from turning your Bluetooth on / off
Play Store - Block anyone from installing applications
⁇ Window - set the browser's password or pattern lock to prevent unauthorized entry.
Configurations - Prohibit anyone from modifying your settings

AppLock-Simple and fast locking of apps
PIN Genie Vaulthas the Applock function that can lock and secure applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,

Anti-Peep PIN Pad - Nobody is able to see your PIN
The most safe PIN lock comes with a PIN Genie Vault. With just 4 stylish keys, the magic PIN lock protects your software. Each button contains 3 numbers after each attempt and all numbers are reshuffled, making it difficult to see the PIN. The proprietary PIN pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keep your PIN from being seen by anyone, even though they are watching you reach it! ^ ⁇

Wallpaper for the lock screen and home screen of PIN Genie Vault
Amazing HD wallpaper to personalize the home screen and lock screen.

Capture Intruders alleged
PIN Genie Vault comes with an intruder option to alert you who's trying to break into your apps.

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Sunday, 14 February 2021

YourSlice - Smart App Blocker

Uniquely Built & Conceptualized App to help you concentrate and improve productivity.
By building your Time Slices and using Apps only at Allocated Times, schedule & break your regular phone use.

To help you stay focused and improve efficiency, YourSlice is a smart digital solution. This unique idea allows you to create "Timeslices" in the designated time period for particular groups of apps to be used and blocks their usage for the rest of the day.

These distinctive app features will enable you to challenge yourself against digital distraction:

Slice your day: Slice your day!

Timeslices are parts of your day that you set aside for a group of apps to be used. To break the addiction to mobile,

The Slice Clock: Your Timetable of Slices!

The YourSlice dashboard consists of a Slice Clock that allows you to understand which slices are due at which time in your day. On the clock, and slice is represented by its chosen color.

List of Daily Timeslice: What, Where, Where?

For easy access, a list of all the slices you produce for your day is shown on the dashboard. Any slice can be edited according to your convenience at any time.

Lock the time slice!

All the options for that slice are set by locking a time slice. The apps can not be deleted from the time slice, but new ones can be introduced. Helping you improve self-control, thus.

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DTox-Digital Detox / Dopamine fasting,Quality time App

With DTox - a powerful digital detox app - break free from procrastination and distractions, improve productivity and remain focused. To reconnect with the real world, friends, and relatives, disconnect yourself from all digital items.

Our assignment:

We want to help create true happiness for millions of people. True happiness originates in the real world. You will be able to spend quality time in the real world, increase your social base, and increase your productivity while in the office with the help of the Dtox app. You will also be able to reset the reward system in your brain, which is called fasting with dopamine.

Today, start improving your productivity!


- Disconnect your phone for 4 hours, 8 hours, or 24 hours.
- Call and SMS connectivity during off-time
- By completing challenges, get rewards
- 1-min, 5-min and 10-min emergency access during offtime

When you start an off-time session, the app will check your use during the duration and prevent other apps from distracting you.

Boosting your productivity is easy, just:

1. Download the app at DTox.
2. Provide permission from your phone settings for accessibility services.
2. Select an off-time period with the pickers(4hr,8hr,24hr).
3. Hit the start and confirm button.
4. Congratulations, now your concentration mode is ON.

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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Lock screen App

Quick, lovely, easy to use,
Creates lock patterns for use with the built-in pattern lock for Android (lock screen by pattern)
- This app helps to create patterns of protection.
-The Easy, the Beautiful
- Lots of lovely wallpapers available
-Able to create patterns of any length
- Customizing Wallpaper Help
- Multi-language languages
- Minimum variable and overall length of route

Why "lock screen" can be used:
1. Click "enable lock screen" (line 1).
2. Pattern formation.
3. Pattern Review.

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LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos App

Do you want private images and videos to be secured and make them completely inaccessible to all except you?

LockMyPix preserves your confidentiality!

In your private file vault and video vault, cover images and videos with LockMyPix. For real privacy, your #1 option!
Encrypt personal images and videos with proven AES military-grade encryption and protect them. AndroidPIT recommended.

No one will see the secrets...
LockMyPix is the perfect method to get total control of who sees what. Your public gallery remains open to friends and family, but your secrets in your private LockMyPix Picture Lock are tightly shielded and secured.

  • PIN, Face, Fingerprint, Password or Pattern Login
  • Hide and lock all pictures and videos in the secret folder
  • True privacy with the highest encryption powered by

Take full care of your confidentiality!
Not only does LockMyPix hide videos and photos as other applications do. As with governments and banks worldwide, it uses real AES encryption! To keep them completely private and safe, just add images or videos to your secret picture and video vault.

Enjoy exceptional attributes:

  • Keep an eye on individuals seeking to access your private vault.
  • Build a Fake Vault decoy secret with a separate code
  • Develop sub-albums and albums
  • • Full support for sd-card
  • Render LockMyPix invisible entirely
  • Build encrypted backups
  • Full support for Gif's

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Touch Block Free - screen , touch , block App

This software is intended to reduce accidental touches on devices with displays that are bezel-less.
Clear filters are mounted on both edges of the screen to prevent taps from being detected in those regions.

This app frees you from your smartphone's burden of having to be extremely careful.

Full-screen monitor applications such as YouTube and Netflix make it possible to inadvertently register taps.
Via Touch Block Free, realize true comfort.

■ Block by app automatically
Turns the blocking feature ON or OFF automatically when it detects that the app you've mentioned has been started or closed.
For apps that are prone to errors, such as YouTube, you can set the software to automatically turn on the blocking feature.

■ One-tap switch for ON/OFF
Use the shortcut, widget, fast panel, or notification panel to switch the blocking feature ON/OFF with one tap.

The free version has a 30-time trial limit for shortcuts / widgets / fast panels to auto-block and block execution. Blocking execution from in-app buttons does not have a limit.
Without any limitations, the PRO edition can be used.

This software uses usability services for users.
By using user usability resources, the app detects which applications have been launched or closed.
Based on this information, when a specified app is launched, the app automatically switches the block function on and then switches the function off when the app is closed.

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KinScreen ๐Ÿฅ‡ Most advanced screen control App

Do you find yourself poking the computer to prevent it from being switched off? Without the power button, would you like to turn your computer on? KinScreen keeps your screen on automatically when you are using your phone, but when you are not saving battery power, it turns it off faster.

To ensure the KinScreen will run in the background, please check www.dontkillmyapp.com!

Brief Synopsis
Switch on the Projector
- With a wave
- By tilting up

Turning off the projector
-By screen coverage (pocket, face down)
- By tilting down

Holding the computer on
- Holding the phone while
- by waving around the screen
-when using particular software
- while on a conference call
-throughout charging
-use the widget, QuickSettings, or notification toggle manually

Set a separate lock-screen timeout
Set a maximum time for the screen to stay on
Works in the dark, as opposed to Samsung's Smart Stay
• No ads

Originally published in 2014, KinScreen is constantly developing on the basis of user reviews and requests for functionality.

Now, install and forget to keep your computer on! When you grasp its capabilities, you can quickly find that a new gadget is missing!

At TEQTIC, customer care is a top priority. If you encounter a problem, before leaving a negative review, please use the "Contact support" menu option within the app or email kinscreen@teqtic.com! We typically respond within 48 hours to all emails, and sometimes much faster.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Video Downloader for Facebook App

Would you like to import videos from Facebook?
Well, you're on the right page of the app.

How is it used?
1. Click 'Post' on the Facebook app.
2. Select "More Options..."
3. Choose an app called 'Facebook Video Downloader.'
4. Choose the video quality needed (Recommended HD).

Your Facebook video is now automatically downloaded and will sync to your Gallery instantly when it is done.

Facebook videos can also be downloaded in other forms.
Thanks for uploading the Facebook video ⁇

1. Select "••" from the Facebook app on the top right of the page.
2. "Choose "Link Copy.
3. Open an app called "Facebook Video Downloader."
4. Choose the video quality needed (Recommended HD).


1. Log into the Facebook Video Downloader app on Facebook

2. Navigate to the appropriate Facebook video.
3. To download or play it, click on the Facebook video.

Noteworthy Features:
* Preserve your privacy - download a non-login facebook video(*).
* HD video download support.
* To download the requested Facebook video quickly and easily.
* History, Cancelable download, Multitasking.
* Note when a download has been completed.
* Video Player built-in.
* Built-in Web Browser if you want to use the software to browse Facebook.
* With 3 modes, control your downloaded videos.
* Watch the downloaded video, offline, share, repost, delete, view info.
* Adjust the location of the download.
* * open.

Install this great Facebook Video Downloader app and start downloading the video from Facebook now!

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All Status Downloader - Insta, WA, FB downloader

All Status Downloader for Whatsapp app allows you to download photo files, GIF, Video of Whatsapp's latest status feature, it also allows you to share your friends saver right from the app.

You can save status for All Status Downloader from various applications! Save the status video & photo straight into your album. Without saving, share too.

You can save Free Status from
- Status - Status
-State of GB
- State of Company
- Posts from Insta
-Video for FB

Features The Features
—Reposting without saving
-Check the video & images saved
- Copy, repost, exchange, edit, share, delete
-Save multiple images & videos at a time

Save Simple
- Display status for status
- Open All Downloader Status
- Tap the button to save
-See the status you saved on your phone

Steps for uploading Facebook videos
- Log into the All Status Downloader on your Facebook
- Check and click on the video
- Upload the video

Simple steps for sharing or reposting images and videos
- No login required
-Open Instagram and copy URLs for sharing
- Paste the URL for All Downloader Status
- Update or repost then,

All Downloader Status for WhatsApp Disclaimer
* This app is not WhatsApp-related.
* This app is not connected to or supported by the official Facebook network and has nothing to do with Facebook..
* Please get the owner's PERMISSION before you post videos or photos;
* Any illegal conduct (re-uploading or saving of contents)

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Monday, 8 February 2021

StayOff - Screen Time Tracker + Phone Usage Limit App

StayOff - Your screen time, Tracker for phone use

Every day, save hours! Blocker of applications. Get to sleep easier! Limit your time on the computer

How much screen time is used by my applications?

  • I've got sleep issues!
  • · I'm sad.
  • I want to restrict the use of phones so I can do my hobbies!
  • I want to curb my addiction to phones!
  • ⁇ Should I watch YouTube too much?
  • I want less games to play!

⁇ Is this you? Try 'StayOff' now and get some screen space!

*** StayOff® *** StayOff ***

In one app, the finest screen time tracker and app blocker!

  • Free Comprehensive screen time, every day, every week, of your phone time
  • Free software Monitoring how many times you open applications
  • Free Weekly and Monthly Overview

You're spending more time on your phone, hour after hour. Sliding into phone addiction is so easy.
This is what we want to avoid:
There are so many things that are fun that can be done instead.

Using the phone hurts you in two ways.
1. Using your phone before bed makes it even harder for you to sleep. It is extremely important to sleep!
2. After waking up, using the phone first will cause you to be less happy for the rest of the day!

Your digital well-being during the day is important, but for longevity and wellness, good sleep is essential.

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Lock My Touch—shake launch, kids mode, touch lock App

The Lock My Touch app is intended to avoid unintended clicks while using common apps.

For any kind of app: toddler game, video chat, YouTube, 4 smart lock modes allow you to disable touch screen and buttons. Simplify the fast launch by 1-tap / shake / voice with touch lock for various devices: smartphones, tablets, smart watches.

Normal Mode Lock
Touchscreen lock, motions, bars for status/navigation, hardware buttons (home, back, volume control, recent apps, except power button).
Unlocking by fast swipe
When reading text, recipes or other material, keep the show on.
To enhance your drawing skills, turn the tablet into a drawing board.
Using normal lock mode without advertisements

Partial Lock on Screen
Render just part of the screen with the Frame Mode untouchable.
Video and audio management prevents unintended touches.
Make your gadget like a baby gallery, holding the chance of swiping images and scaling, but locking unnecessary features.
Let your child watch films and play educational games; do not interrupt or exit accidentally due to hitting the screen.

Blackout & Mode Screen Off
By providing features such as Blackout Mode, Delayed Start, Enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Disney Now, Amazon Prime Video and other video services.
Save battery charges when you watch videos (proximity sensor).
With the GPS navigation on, feel free to put your phone in your pocket.

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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Hidden Eye - Intruder Selfie, Eye Catching App

He really wanted to know who was trying to snoop on your phone when you were away. Using the Secret Eye to quickly capture all of the snoopers.

Without your permission, Hidden Eye enables you to easily see who has tried to unlock your computer.

As they attempt to reach your phone, Secret Eye will ease your task of catching your friends and family. If they try to unlock your phone with the wrong PIN, pattern or password, Hidden Eye will photograph the guy. Using this app, you will catch the snoopers red handed.

Failed attempts are detected by Android only if the passcode has at least 4 letters or points, such as Hidden Eye

You just need to check it out to see if it works on your computer. This software does not work on all devices.

How to uninstall a program?
If you want the Hidden Eye to be uninstalled, make sure to go to the Hidden Eye settings and choose Uninstall. The System Administrator will be removed after clicking Confirm to Uninstall, and the Secret Eye will be uninstalled. If that doesn't work, go to Android Settings, Protection, System Admins, and before uninstalling, disable Hidden Eye.

This app uses authorization from the System Administrator. To detect failed unlock attempts, we need this.

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Intruder Detector - Who Touched My Phone? App

Catch robbers, nosy friends, a girlfriend, or someone in the act who snoops around your telephone.

Intruder Detector works to support you with that in 3 basic measures.
Stage 1. Uh, step 1. If someone tries to unlock your phone using the wrong pin, password, or pattern, the Intruder Detector uses the front camera to secretly catch their image.
The 2nd stage. In the meantime, without them noticing, the Intruder Detector finds the location and address of your computer.
Phase Three. And finally, the Intruder Detector secretly sends you an email containing complete intruder information, including the image, location, address and exact time of the incident of the intruder.

Relevant notes:
Android only identifies failed passcode attempts with at least four letters or dots.

• How to uninstall the program?
Open the app and go to the 'Config' tab to uninstall Intruder Detector, then press 'Uninstall' at the bottom of the page.
Go to Android settings, protection, system administrators, if that doesn't function, and then disable Intruder Detector before uninstallation.

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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Intro Maker - music intro video editor App

* Thousands of well-designed intro and outro models are available for selection and continue to be revised.
* As you like, add messages, emojis, stickers, music, sound effects.

Bad at using complicated tools for video editing? Don't hesitate to download Intro Creator, then! You can easily create professional intros, outros, ending cards (end screen) for your social media videos by using this intro maker. And it's also a video promoter, video logo animation, animated text video (typography video) producer and ad creator.

Main Functionalities:

- Thousands of optional intro models
- Different themes for Outro, 3D, Game, Vlog, Logo, Music, Company, Promo, Aesthetics, etc...

-Cartoon, Sweet, Nice, Kawaii, Glitch, 3D, Dynamo, Esports, Diamond, etc. -Various styles
- Coming soon for models: slideshow, intro templates with more sizes

- 500 preset templates allow you to create intros in 30 seconds.
- Editing and preview in realtime. Projects saved for re-edit automatically

- 100+ royalty free songs for selection
-Various styles such as Intro, Dynamic, Cinematic, New, Pop, Vlog, Travel etc...
- 120+ No sound effects for copyright collection
Various themes related to environment, transformation, film, game, action, instrument, etc.
-Import and use audio of your own

- 20+ text style preset for selection

-Texts can be modified by editing fonts, strokes, shadows, animations
- 120+ awesome fonts to choose from
- 20+ animations to create fantastic intros.

LOGO & Images ADD
-Provide pictures of logo intro models & intro templates.
Replace your logo and images with logo & image placeholders. Build intros with seconds for your logo branding.

-Amazing lower third creator, suitable for logos & titles
-Professionalize your intro with text animation
- Great text animator for developing video typography.

- 100+ Creators' Subscribe button stickers. Using Subscribe Buttons to get your channel followers
- Hundreds of options of animated stickers

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Thumbnail Maker & Channel Art Maker

Build convincing thumbnail, channel art, and thumbnail creator video banner for FREE!

Only a few steps and you can make great thumbnails and miniatures for custom images. Using it for both beginners and experienced creators is so simple and strong.
With a strong Youtube studio toolkit, you can add some ideas to the job.

This is what our best maker of thumnails will do for YT studio:
-Collage Images
To begin your work, pick the most fitting one from a dozen templates.
As well as intor maker and outra maker, our work is also suitable for banner and channel art.
-Strong text template presets and tuning.
Thousands of lovely text template presets can be downloaded.

-Keyboard Fonts
Dozens of available fonts, font colors and special font effects. Including pretty cool font presets. Cool for use.
- Stickers Stickers
To highlight the most important part of your videos, download famous & trending stickers.
-Remix Photo
Using our smart cutout app to add additional images and combine them into photo montages.
- The graffiti
With limitless imagination, Freestyle doodle drawing.

This strong YT studio makes you a talented maker of miniatures and thumbnails. This Youtube studio maker can also help you create a logo, intro, flyer, poster, and graphic design.
Come along and give it a shot.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

DripArt Photo Editor: Background Changer, Stickers

The best, free photo editor is DripArt; it comes with the cool dripping effect, camera, collage builder, and face tune selfie editing software. This genius photo editor provides you with aesthetic effects and imaginative filters. Join the trend for a cool drip effect with DripArt! Your inner drip artist will carry out hundreds of stylish drip effects. Collage images with the collage creator in one special article, select a grid and try the awesome layout templates. DripArt brings the art to the next level with images. With photo editing software, show your creativity; including new sketch effect, stickers like grime art, some magical filters to face your selfies.

Drip Effects Explore:
Cool Drip effects that make your pictures more creative in unexpected styles and colors. Both of them are supplied by DripArt:). Choose a selfie from the art gallery or take an awesome selfie with a flash. The Magic Photo Editor removes the backdrop to create a picture sticker. Try to pull out your inner drip artist with the bewildering drip effects. Adjust the size and color of the stunning drip effect to customize your cool image. To explore, there are tons of aesthetic dripping effects. The background can be personalized; you can leave it absolutely white, transparent or add your favorite wallpaper:). Combine the breath-taking drip effects with other editing devices, such as motion movement,

Fantastic Spirals of Neon
Neon spirals are the most humorous aspect of the DripArt photo editor. To show your creative self, they are amazing. In hundreds of different types and colors, spirals appear. Neon spirals and rainbow spirals are meant only for the spirit of summer. For any picture, the size of the spirals can easily be adjusted.

Builder and Grids of Collages:
You will have many magnificent photos with the dripping effects, editing software and spirals from DripArt. Remix the pictures in a special post to collate your files. DripArt's Collage builder offers free models in various shapes and many grids to enhance your collage. Use templates for pic collages or customize photo collages

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PicsApp Photo Editor: Photo Collage, Photo Filters App

Blessed Valentine's Day! The PicsApp photo editor is the best photo editing app and comes with awesome photo frames for Valentines Day to make your experience of picture art unforgettable. Epic spiral wings and beautiful neon backgrounds full of romantic hearts are part of the photo editing equipment. To get super artistic pictures in your photo lab in just seconds, edit images like a pro. Take the cool drip effect and several more image filters. With awesome PicsApp selfie camera effects, take selfies, then retouch your sweet selfie with beautiful picture filters such as retro, vintage and golden hour filters.

Unleash your imagination for Valentine's Day with exclusive neon spirals.Using awesome photo grids and image formats, finalize your photo editing with the pic collage builder. When you have a PicsApp image editor, you don't need any other editing software for photos. To get so many likes:) Prepare a perfect photo for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest:

Free Valentine's Day Photo Editor:
Your new best buddy for photo editing will be your PicsApp image editor:) . Use the glitch effect and golden hour filter to have amazing pics for Instagram in one tap. You are waiting for breath taking filters for photos, and camera effects. You're going to love the sketch effect, you're going to have a hand-drawn pic in one tap.

We offer you camera effects like malfunction effects, cute stickers and stylish text to customize image editing. With the insta square feature, PicsApp automatically makes your pic square and resizes it, so there's no crop required to share your awesome pic on Instagram.

Trendy Drip Result Effect:
Using the incredible dripping effects, unleash your inner drip artist:). With your favorite breath taking background picture, either blur the background or change it:) . With the neon backgrounds, drip art looks adorable. To explore, there are tons of aesthetic dripping effects.

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Screen Size / DPI and Dev Info App

ScreenInfo offers users and developers valuable knowledge about their screen and qualifications for configuration. It works on all sizes of computers, in both portrait and landscape orientations, and it can rely on the dimensions of the application window on larger displays. The text and graphic displays can be obtained on smaller computers, such as handsets, by swiping left and right.

The configuration qualifier names that can be used to supply alternative tools such as layouts, drawables or strings are an especially useful function for developers.

It tells you, for both users and developers:

- The default pixel display size (px) and pixel independent density (dip / dp)

- Density in dots per inch recorded (DPI)
- Estimated physical dimensions of the panel in inches and cm - for known devices.

Some device specifics from the Android.os.Build class (MODEL, PRODUCT, BOARD, and DEVICE) and all the current configuration qualifier names are shown to developers in the order they are used:

- Mobile country code for mobile devices (derived)
—The Expression (derived)
- Language/area (derived)
- Path of the layout (API v17 / 4.2 and above only)
- The resolution of the screen
- Mode of the UI
-Mode for night
- Density of screen
- Type of touchscreen
- Availability of Keyboard
- Method of primary text input
- Availability of Navigation main
- Key tool for non-touch navigation
- Edition of platform

Crucial Notes

- For *default display* - which is the screen area that can be used by apps, the sizes are given. This will not correspond with the entire display on devices where there are soft buttons on the screen (i.e. back, home, and task manager).
- The densities of xdpi, ydpi, and categories are *as stated by the device*. This may also vary drastically from the true density of the screen for your computer.
- The screen size (which is calculated from the resolution and density) is given only where the true screen density is known, due to the density problem outlined above. Please provide the device name and the details shown in the 'Device' section if your device is missing: Model, Product, and Device)

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Smart Kit 360 App

Using just one multi-purpose app to do a lot!

Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one app and is half the size of a popular application such as compass, converter or a ringtone maker app for a "standalone tool" Searching for all the regular resources you need can save you a lot of disk space, time and frustration!

Key Functionalities
Small Dimension
It is possible to replace over 40 apps with one app.
Has the most widely used software functionality
One quick tap on your home screen to build shortcuts
Tools are grouped according to various categories, so finding them is very easy.

Utility • Efficiency • Estimate • Conversion • Navigation & Measurement Resources

The Smart Package 360 integrates many features in a special way.

1. Monitor for Heart Rate
Using a computer camera to monitor the heart rate and observe a real-time pulse map. A easy way of getting details about your health is to check your pulse.

2. Translator Translator (All languages)
Simple operations quickly convert words from one language to another.

3. Multilingual Glossary
Free online dictionaries for almost every language that exists.

4. Timer of Exercises
For all of your gym or home workouts, Ultimate fitness partner.

5. Cache Cleaner, Booster for RAM
Keep a clean phone! Clean junk files, cache, and boost RAM for your computer.

6. Saver Power Batteries
Save and prolong the life of your battery with this simple one-tap optimizer.

7. Audio Meter, Sound Meter

Track the level of present sound pressure and its spectrum.

8. Map map
Get directions quicker, display your current position on the map and share coordinates with your GPS.

For most of your outdoor activities, always get the correct directions in your hand.

10. The Magnifier
Magnify small items which are difficult to see. It also contains a light with a flash.

11. Mirroring
And at night, see yourself using the front facing camera.

Use your camera and your imaginary weight to calculate the slope of any piece.

13. Audio, Cutter for Video
Pick the section you want to cut and the remainder will be managed by this method.

14. Detector of Metal
Detect and observe the magnetic field of surrounding materials on a real time map. 

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Monday, 1 February 2021

TextArt – Text to photo – Photo text edit App

Text to Picture is a free software that lets users add text to images quickly. You just need to enter and paste into the picture what you need to write. You can search through several different picture colors and fonts. Thus, Text to Picture allows you to have sparkling pictures without wasting a lot of time.

"A picture is a thousand words worth it." Often, however, you will only have photos that are not enough but require text as well. Your pictures would be hotter with picture text editing.

Highlight characteristics in Picture text Edit Edit
Fast to create quotes, memes, picture captions or innovative typography design for easily attaching texts to images.
Professionally-designed and simple-to-use gui

No idea about the style of the text? We have text templates with various beautiful styles that suit your needs.
Over 800+ beautiful art fonts are hand-picked,
Multiple opacity, color, location, perspective (transform angles), rotation, bold, italic, capitalize, centering, line spacing and letter spacing, wrap text, shadow, stroke (outline), glow (highlight), flip, mirror customize your image. By adding text on pictures, you can now create thousands of wonderful typography designs or glorious text images for yourself.
Using one of more than 100+ incredible picture filters
Glitch symptoms and light leaks;

Image Editor Glitch
Glitch Photo Editor blends old-school designs very well with new visual styles. The bug effect brings extreme visual conflicts, which on Instagram makes your pictures eye-catcher.

Editor of Photo
A useful free photo editor with large photo filters. Make you a versatile photo artwork with Glitch effects, double exposure, photo blender, etc. He's the best free photo editor.

Photo Text Editor is still in the development stage, so we always listen to your feedback, appreciate your rate and comment to enhance and improve the editing of photo text. We will surely update and build more features as you need them. With heartfelt thanks!

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Text To Photo - Photo Text Edit App

Image Text - Add Text to Photo & Best Quotes is a free application to create exclusive images for users. By adding the best quotes and making them even more unique with the excellent features of the Picture Text Editor, such as editing fonts, colors, lines and stickers, users can easily add text to images or create moody photos.
The meaning of each image generated by the Add Text to Picture application is a separate color. Instead of a novel, you want to create images to artize your own tale. Picture text will help you understand this with the application's excellent features.
The application Photo Text Editor also allows you to create photos in no time with romantic quotes about love.

Text Highlights on the Photo:
It makes it simple for consumers to use an eye-catching and logical design interface.
Users can write text on images easily and quickly with just one press.
Add text with 40 creative fonts to a picture. With its unique and special features, each font is impressive.
Supportive text features such as color correction, opacity, scale, shadow, border, etc. Text on Picture lets users enjoy the development of various text types.
Wallpapers with 7 themes are free, impressive and unique: festival, nature, design, blurred background, mood, light, background color.
Picture text with large sticker sets, lines, and several different styles to help users freely create more artistic images.

Wide typography set, lines, stickers with hundreds of different designs to make your pictures more vibrant
There are 4 resolution levels, depending on the mobile device's memory, you can select the quality to save images.
Post your trendy images easily through social networking sites with friends: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp
In a book, you read a good quote or find an interesting quote on social networks. You are fond of them and you want to maintain an impression and stand out. When you use the application Write on images, it is easier than ever to create a collage. The features of the application are clearly structured, logically, separated into categories, making it simple to use for new users.

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