WhatsAuto - Reply App

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

WhatsAuto - Reply App

Quick Move On
Switch on auto answer with a single tap, and no complex specifications need to be set up.

Matters of Touch
Always pick who you want to give an auto response to.

Groups for Help
WhatsAuto will send auto answers to any party in your messaging app. We support groups.

Everything Messengers Help
All famous social networking applications are sponsored by us. You can send auto response to any social messaging apps with this single app.

Build Your Bot
It's easier to create your own chat bot than any other app in the world. No more technological skills needed to create your bot.

Backup Up
You can restore your Bot messages to your phone storage or Google Drive storage whenever you want.

Intelligent reply
Customize the time for answers. You may customize WhatsAuto to continuously send auto replies or to send after a pause of some time or to send only once.

Schedule your time to automatically turn WhatsAuto on and off to send an automatic reaction to your incoming messages. When you're out of business hours, this feature is helpful.

Mode of Driving
AI driven tool to identify when you're driving and by letting them know you're driving, take care of all your incoming messages. Stop collisions & drive free of hassle.

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