Swipe for Facebook App

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Swipe for Facebook App

When you can have both, why sacrifice your privacy or an awesome user experience? Meet Swipe, the best alternative to Facebook - lightweight, highly customizable and battery-friendly, with a strict 'no tracking' policy to ensure that your privacy is protected.

It's not a secret really - the official app is bloated, slow, hungry for power, and doesn't have your privacy in mind. You've tried many alternatives, but surely, you've found most just a lack of overall quality.

That's why Swipe is your answer - you'll find lots to love with a robust day/night theme engine, built-in message access, customizable widget for your notifications and messages, as well as an ad blocker to filter out the noise.

FACEBOOK & MESSENGER-Included Chat Heads

The decision to split the most popular social media app in 2014 doesn't really make much sense if you can have both for less than 5MB. Switching to Swipe saves you hundreds of MB on your phone, so that for things that matter most, you can use the additional space saved.

Swipe is also coming with Chat Heads as an added bonus! Even when you're using another app, keep on chatting with friends.

BLOCK ADS, safeguard your privacy

No one likes them, and you don't have to endure them on Swipe! There are absolutely no ads from Swipe, and Facebook's sponsored content can also be blocked.

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