Story Saver for Instagram - Story Assistant App

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Story Saver for Instagram - Story Assistant App

Story Assistant(Story Saver) is a helpful tool to help users use a simple Instagram story tray for managers.

HTTPS:/ faster help

[The feature]
+ Quick and efficient use of the user interface.
+ Supporting several accounts makes it easy for you to use.
+ The bookmark account you need is sponsored.
+ Support search and more functionality (save, play with media).
+ Fast loading and lighting.

+ To use this app, you need to log in before using your account.
+ If the app can't locate a story or stop working unexpectedly, please try to open "Accounts" and long press the old account to delete it, then re-log in to retry or search the story on your smartphone in the Instagram app.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer
1. This app is not Instagram-affiliated.
2. Please request owner permission to re-upload image/video stories and it is NOT encouraged. To protect the rights of users of IG.
3. The user is solely responsible for any unauthorized copying or re-uploading of content and/or infringement of intellectual property rights.

If you have a bug while using it, please give me feedback to repair the software. Hey, thank you.

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