Security Camera CZ App

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Security Camera CZ App

Turn your old smartphone or tablet into a home surveillance camera. This software is exclusively designed for monitoring or business management by parents (including family). It can be used as a baby monitor, a camera for senior care or a pet camera. It is ideal for all of the above purposes with two way talk-back and night vision features.

As a set of pictures, this application records the observed motion and allows you to browse these images very rapidly. This app does not record as video any motion detected!

The features are all FREE:

Detection of Smart Motion.

Exceptional false alarm tolerance.

Audio and Video Live HD Recording.

Two-way feature for talk-back.

Zoom, night vision and the features of a torch.

High quality photographs of gestures.
Google Drive option to store recorded images.
In one system, multiple free cameras everything.

Share your family's cameras.

Scheduler for detection of motion.

Switch off motion detection while I'm close by.

Zones of motion detection.

Alarm from the siren when motion is detected.

Sensitivity of Adjustable motion detection.

Strictly intuitive service.

Works with WiFi or some access to the mobile Internet.

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