Multi Parallel - Multiple Accounts & App Clone App

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Multi Parallel - Multiple Accounts & App Clone App

 WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, most social apps and game accounts are unlimited.

Do you want to manage and quickly switch between multiple social accounts?

Do you want to play games to enjoy more fun with various positions or multiple accounts?

Multi Parallel can assist you with the difficulty of managing multiple accounts!

- Use one phone easily to log into multiple accounts and keep all of them online at the same time!

-Create as many accounts as you want, use different icons and names to customize them and protect them with a privacy locker.

64bit apps are fully supported and there is no need to install supported libs for most apps. Please upgrade the app or install the 32bit support library if you are trying to clone legacy apps that only have a 32bit library.

For most messaging applications, game apps and social networking applications, Multi Parallel is compatible. Google Play Service is supported, and you can connect to your clones with Google Play Games or other services.

Log in to your various messaging, game, and social applications

Easily balance your life and work with multiple accounts.

Double game accounts and dual entertainment.

Clone data and original applications are separated.

Adjust accounts with various icons and labels


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