Lock My Touch - Screen Lock by One-Tap/Shake/Voice App

Monday, 25 January 2021

Lock My Touch - Screen Lock by One-Tap/Shake/Voice App

The Lock My Touch app is intended to avoid accidental taps when using popular apps.

For any kind of app: toddler game, video chat, YouTube, 4 smart lock modes allow you to disable touch screen and buttons. Simplify rapid launch by 1-tap / shake / voice with touch lock for various devices: smartphones, laptops, smart watches.


  1. Touchscreen lock, motions, bars for status/navigation, hardware buttons (home, back, volume control, recent apps, except power button).
  2. Unlocking by fast swipe
  3. When reading text, recipes or other material, keep the show on.
  4. To enhance your drawing skills, turn the tablet into a drawing board.
  5. Without any advertisements, use normal lock mode.


  1. Render just part of the screen with the Frame Mode untouchable.
  2. Video and audio management prevents unintended touches.
  3. Make your gadget like a baby gallery, holding the chance of swiping images and scaling, but locking unnecessary features.
  4. Let your child watch movies and play educational games; don't interrupt or leave unintentionally due to pressing the screen or buttons.

Blackout & Screen Mode Off

  1. By providing features such as Blackout Mode, Delayed Start, Enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Disney Now, Amazon Prime Video and other video services.
  2. Turn your phone into a player for pocket music.
  3. Save battery charges when you watch videos (proximity sensor).

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