FloatingMenu - Assistive Touch App

Monday, 25 January 2021

FloatingMenu - Assistive Touch App

FloatingMenu is a gesture-based app. It helps you to do your daily work with one hand on your phone.

If you need to switch between apps regularly #
If you think home key, back key, new key is uncomfortable to use at the bottom of the phone ##
If you want new messages, read the message quickly #
If you want a faster operation: screenshots, pop-up menu, termination application, etc.

All of this can easily be completed by FloatingMenu.
You should email: xkqxx@126.com for assistance.

#Accessibility services are used in this app.
#This program uses permission from the System Administrator.

How can FloatingMenu support disabled users in the use of Android devices and apps?

FloatingMenu can activate navigational functions everywhere with a single hand for people with disabilities. And it can turn applications, read new messages, launch apps that can hardly be managed with one hand.

The lock screen function requires permission from the System Administrator, and this permission is used only for this function.

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