Anti-theft alarm App

Monday, 25 January 2021

Anti-theft alarm App

 Are you worried that your phone could be lost? You can stop your phone from being stolen or misplaced with an anti-theft warning.

Even after he restarts the phone or destroys the program, the anti-theft warning makes the computer inoperable for the thief. When the right password is entered, the alarm continues to sound.

Do you dislike and misuse inquisitive individuals attempting to access your phone (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, texts and emails, etc.)?

If you don't want someone to use your computer without your permission, use your theft alarm.

Case of Use:
1) If someone disconnects your computer while charging it, then a loud siren can allow you to deter theft or misuse by using charger mode.

2) You can place your phone on top of your laptop at work and activate motion mode. If someone attempts to access your laptop or phone, an alarm will ring and scare them away immediately.
3) You can shield your smartphone from being stolen from your pocket when riding in public transportation using proximity mode.
4) Theft alarm can also be used to surprise your peers and friends who, without your permission, access your phone.
5) Theft alarm can also be used when you're not around to keep your children and family members from using your phone.
6) An alarm that persists until the correct password is entered will ring. The alarm doesn't stop by stopping the program


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