Trendy - Trending Topics & Search Trends App

Monday, 21 December 2020

Trendy - Trending Topics & Search Trends App

Trendy lets you find all the trending subjects, search headlines and social trends that are most searched for at the moment. Based on country, date & time, find out what's trending. For content developers, blog authors, producers & enthusiasts, the Trend Analyzer app is helpful in keeping up with what other individuals are looking for the most.

Trendy - Trend Search Analyzer software, based on what individuals search around you, filters out trending posts, topics and data! In a special bubble-like format, the Trendy App shows all trending searches and topics, which lets you decide how trending a specific topic is. The wider the bubble, the trendier it is!

Trendy Features - Trending Topics & Search Patterns in Real-time

- In a specific location or region, find Trending Topics

- Trending Filter Searches depending on the number of days

- Tap on a subject to learn more about the trend.

- Before anyone else, discover recent trends, news & facts!

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