Self Destructing Text Messages And Files - Ramnia App

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Self Destructing Text Messages And Files - Ramnia App

Ramnia is a service for message and file uploading. By means of a special connection, you can send messages and files which can only be opened once. To access a message or file, the app does not need to be installed on the recipient's computer.

With military grade encryption (AES-256) inside the app, the messages and files are safely encrypted. They are stored temporarily in the RAM until they have been uploaded to the server. Shutting down the server will cause the current data to be lost forever.

The guide:

Phase 1 - Write a hidden message and/or pick an uploadable file(s)

Phase 2 - Click "Create Secret"

Phase 3 - Copy and share the connection with the recipient

Only once will your recipient click the link. Afterwards the message is forever lost. It's difficult to get a second view or visit, since we not only flag the data that it was called, but also delete the whole message and its attached files forever!

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