Mobile Tracker for Android App

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Mobile Tracker for Android App

Track your misplaced smartphone. Receive the location address. Get some mobile number info.

Mobile Android can be monitored after it gets lost.

About Device Mobile Tracker:

Mobile Tracker Benefits for Android,

* This Mobile Tracker for Android app starts when the Android phone gets stolen/lost and when the new SIM card is inserted into the mobile phone, and automatically sends mail and SMS about the inserted SIM card information.

* You must store the mail address and mobile number of your family/friend inside the app and then the mail and SMS warning will be sent to the corresponding mail ID and number. The SMS includes the IMEI number of the SIM cell phone and service provider information. Enhanced protection by prompting a password to open an application.

Android's Smartphone Tracker Features:

* Mobile Mail Fraud Defense
* SMS Device Theft Security
* Users can see their current address & location
* In our app, users can select any place on the map and see any location address.

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