Dont touch my phone App

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Dont touch my phone App

Do not touch my phone will protect your mobile from touching crooks and will protect your phone from touching snoopers and spy touching your cell phone antifurto de. Please don't touch my phone anymore or tap my phone. You don't have to tell anyone. Because your phone will be protected from crooks and snoopers by this theft alarm. Protect your workmate's phone as well.

Using How to Use

Do not touch my phone and it is simple to use the alarm touch or theft alarm. Cell Antifurto de. My phone doesn't touch your phone sensor and works by touching your phone as a mobile alarm touch and theft alarm.

Just go to activate the alarm function in my mobile app and activate this anti-theft alarm function to protect your phone from snoopers, crooks, and workmates with this mobile app.

For alarm touching and theft touching, and mobile touch, several alarm tones are included. Simply pick your favorite alarm tone and mobile touch tone for theft.

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