Document Scanner - (Made in India) PDF Creator App

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Document Scanner - (Made in India) PDF Creator App

You sometimes need your various documents scanned several times in a single day. You would certainly not struggle further in that scenario if all is scheduled. But it will be a tragedy for sure if the need to search the document occurs one by one.

We have brought you a portable Doc Scanner to save you from that condition. You can search your documents anywhere at any time with this Doc Scanner.

There are also some additional features in the app that make your paper more professional and nice to look at after scanning.

Let's take a tour of these appealing characteristics::

* The document check.

* Automatically/Manually boost the scan efficiency.

* Smart cropping and many more are included for enhancement.

* Optimize the PDF in B/W, Lighten, Color and Dark modes.

Turn the scans into simple and sharp PDF files.

* Organize the folder and sub folders for your doc.

* Print and fax directly from the app the scanned doc.

Upload docs like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. to the cloud.

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