Data Lock App

Monday, 28 December 2020

Data Lock App

 Track your Mobile Data using Data Lock


- Day / Night / Week / Month Caps for data

- Notification on hitting the limit of the plan

- Manually or automatically switch on/off Mobile Data (only for old Android versions)

- Scheduled activities that allow mobile data to be switched on/off at certain times or dates.

-Tracking speeds

ISSUES Recognized

- Enable/disable data is not enabled for versions of Android 5.0, 6.0 and higher.


- VIEW NETWORK STATE - Needed to show the current status of the network

- WRITE APN SETTINGS, Alter CONNECTIVITY OF THE NETWORK, Adjust GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS - Necessary to allow/disable mobile data through the use of APN

- PHONE STATE MODIFICATION - Required to enable/disable mobile data using device settings

The following components licensed by 'Apache License 2.0' are used for this application: Quartz, Apache Projects & Libraries. A copy of the License can be accessed at


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