Blank Message (for WhatsApp) App

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Blank Message (for WhatsApp) App

This software makes it possible to send WhatsApp messages that are null. But you can only copy the empty text into your clipboard as well, so that you can add it to your WhatsApp status or upload it to other social networks.

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How do I give WhatsApp messages that are blank?

The software is very easy to use: you must first choose whether to send only single characters or whole rows of empty text in your blank post. You would then be able to select the number of characters or rows to submit. Last but not least, you have the choice of directly sending an empty message via WhatsApp, or you can simply copy the blank text to your clipboard.

What's the good thing about sending blank messages through WhatsApp?

With your talents, you can impress your mates or you can only get on their nerves. It takes quite a lot of time to scroll the entire message to the end when you send an empty message with 10,000 rows.

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