Battery Saver-Charge Faster, Ram Cleaner, Booster App

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Battery Saver-Charge Faster, Ram Cleaner, Booster App

Battery Saver to improve your battery protection! The perfect doctor for batteries!

Do you have trouble locating your charger because there is so much energy consumed by your phone? Does it keep lagging on your phone because it's too hot? This is because a lot of apps and services run in the background, slowing down your phone and draining your battery quickly. To fix battery problems and prolong battery life, Battery Saver is here to let you use your phone without trouble.

Principal Features

·1. Extend battery use

Battery Saver offers a range of modes for battery optimization and handles battery-draining applications that can expand battery use!

2. · 2. Increase pace for charging

Discover your phone's most powerful way to charge! By monitoring your battery consumption, charge your phone more effectively. To view the charging progress and the estimated complete time, allow charge protection on your lock screen!

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