3D Camera - Best Photo Effects, Replace Background App

Friday, 4 December 2020

3D Camera - Best Photo Effects, Replace Background App

The 3D camera produces 3D scenic photos, 3D scenes, 3D background changes, 3D photo backgrounds. Substitute backgrounds with amazing backgrounds for photos and create the best photo effects.

The easy to use 3D camera is

1. Pick one of the many 3D scenes that are offered. You can choose 3D love theme photos or movie stunt style. Romantic images and famous places are available as backgrounds for 3D photographs.

2. Choose the photo that you want to place on the 3D camera in the 3D Photo template.

3. You can adjust the photo as the background photo is removed and placed in the Photo Template.

4. You can zoom out to adjust the characters for 3D photos in Zoom.

5. Save and share, or to replace the scene, choose a similar photo template.

Supplementary 3D Camera Features:

1. 3D Photo Grids - Create 3D Photo Grids View where 3D effects including round corners, background textures, photo stickers and more are shown by image grids. Create the best looking photo grids on the Picture Grids with 3D effects.

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