December 2020

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Track My Trip - GPS Tracking & Online Sharing App

The GPS tracker Track My Trip supports the monitoring with high precision of trips and personal points of interest (POI) based on GPS loacations. You may attach images shot by the camera or taken from the gallery to interesting locations. In real-time, as well as via social media such as WhatsApp or Facebook and via email, tracked information can be easily exchanged online. In real-time, your present place or trip can be shared with friends and family. Only invited individuals have access to knowledge that is shared. Via email or WhatsApp, invitations can be sent. With attached pictures, you can also share Points of Interests.

Track My Trip GPS Tracker features

• GPS location-based recording

• Show trips on the map (Google Maps or Open Street Maps - OSM)

Pictures captured by camera or taken from the gallery may be added to interesting areas (Points of Interest)

Calculates trip statistics based on GPS tracks reported (e.g. max/average velocity, moving time)

Different unit systems are supported (metric, imperial, nautical)
Real-time online sharing of places and journeys with friends and family.
On WhatsApp and Facebook or by email, documented trip details can be exchanged.

Trip recording, even if the request is in the background,

Offline support for overlays for Open Street Maps

GPS Tracks Visualization

Browse through (recorded or imported) available tracks and view them on a Google Map

Show identified points of interest on the map and view attached images in an information window.

Elevation and speed charts view for reported trips

Import and Export of Tracks for GPS

Import GPS tracks from your Google Drive or local SD card folder

Export GPS tracks to your Google Drive or local SD card folder

Help for GPS tracks in different file formats (GPX, KML, KMZ, CSV)

• Photo upload to Google Drive

Geo-Exif (GPS location) tags can be assigned to Google Drive when exporting images.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Blank Message (for WhatsApp) App

This software makes it possible to send WhatsApp messages that are null. But you can only copy the empty text into your clipboard as well, so that you can add it to your WhatsApp status or upload it to other social networks.

· All benefits at a glance


Different choices

Confused mates guaranteed ;)

How do I give WhatsApp messages that are blank?

The software is very easy to use: you must first choose whether to send only single characters or whole rows of empty text in your blank post. You would then be able to select the number of characters or rows to submit. Last but not least, you have the choice of directly sending an empty message via WhatsApp, or you can simply copy the blank text to your clipboard.

What's the good thing about sending blank messages through WhatsApp?

With your talents, you can impress your mates or you can only get on their nerves. It takes quite a lot of time to scroll the entire message to the end when you send an empty message with 10,000 rows.

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Auto Status Saver for WhatsApp - Images & Videos App

Your friend liked a status and you hate that it disappears after 24 hours, or taking a screenshot does not give the status picture the best quality. What if you could save the best-quality status picture or video?

Here we present you with the Auto Status Saver App, which will automatically save all your latest status as soon as you view it. Without having even opened our app.

Main features:

· Save recent status automatically when you view it

You can see all the recent status of the

Share picture or video status to your own status,

Send status to your contacts and friends

⁇ Preview Picture and Play Status Status Videos

Panel Customization settings

How to use the:

1: Please download our App

2: View Image or Video status

3: It will be automatically stored on your phone storage device.

4: When you like, you can share or access it by opening our App.

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SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls

SKEDit is a free and easy-to-use scheduling software that allows you to schedule messages from WhatsApp, schedule SMS, send later emails, schedule posts, and set reminders of calls. This top-rated planning app for Android works like your personal virtual assistant. Using SKEDit, the free 5-in-1 WhatsApp scheduler, SMS scheduler, call scheduler, and email scheduler to set your contact on autopilot.

DISCLAIMER: Some services are not compatible with all devices (especially older ones with older OS) and need strict specifications for the proper functioning of their automation (e.g. removal of screen lock- more information in the help center), because the service itself does not have any automation functionality (hence the 'macro' workaround). Thanks for your comprehension.

+ Save Time: Automatically schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, and emails to be sent later. Save countless hours wasted each day in boring back-and-forth messaging.

+ Stress Elimination: Streamline all the communication so that it runs smoothly. Breeze peacefully through the day, not thinking about sending reminders of messages or last-minute phone calls.
+ Keep organized: coordinate, plan & schedule all your contact down to a T. No more sinking in an ocean of phone calls, texts, and messages that are unexpected.

+ Productivity boost: All your contact needs are met. With a fully-free WhatsApp, tweet, and SMS scheduler, answer your top priorities with laser-like attention.

+ Automate The Communication: Fast, automatic communication makes it like clockwork fall into place. Relax as you sail through your day, yesterday having arranged it already.

+ Set Reminders: Schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent to you, automated texts, and call reminders. Enjoy remaining in-sync with your plans seamlessly through the power of automatic reminders


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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Call Blocker App

The Call Blocker will automatically ignore unwanted calls. You can simply add the number to the blacklist and let Call Blocker do the job if you have been upset by spam calls from the salesman, or if you want to ignore calls from someone. Light-weighted and secure, this software costs very little memory and CPU power.


1. Blacklist, to add blacklist numbers to block

2. Whitelist, incorporate whitelist numbers that do not need to be blocked

3. Record logs of numbers rejected

4. Modes to block:

* Blacklist block

*Allow whitelist for (Block calls that is not in whitelist)

* Unknown block (Block calls that is not in contacts)

*Block any calls

5. It's GRATIS!

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Step Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker App

 The most accurate & simple step tracker automatically records your daily steps, calories burned, walking distance, length, speed, health details, etc., and displays them for easy checking in intuitive graphs.

Pedometer Saving Power

With the built-in sensor, the move counter counts your everyday steps, which saves the battery significantly. And when the screen is locked, it tracks steps correctly, whether your phone is in your hand, your purse, your bag or your armband.

Map Tracker in Real-time

Move counter monitors your exercise activity in detail (distance, speed, time, calories) in GPS tracking mode, and records your routes with GPS in real-time on the map. But if you don't want GPS monitoring, battery-saving measures with a built-in sensor would count.

Free 100 percent & Private 100 percent

No locked attributes. No login required. All functionality can be freely accessed without logging in.


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Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

 Did you find any interesting Instagram profiles? Do you need to know who really liked their post and commented on it, and so on? This is your app. Through this app, you can not only get more insight into your profile, it can also unlock many of your friends' secrets. Leave no unturned stone. Just get it now!


View who follows you on Instagram and who does not follow you back, monitor fresh followers, view fans, and more

Followers who have NEVER or ALWAYS enjoyed your posts

Followers who have NEVER or ALWAYS posted on your posts

View your favourite and best commented posts

View your best-watched video

View individuals that are sometimes tagged in your article

Any of your friend account or any account you follow can also be evaluated to see their stats such as most liked post, top liker, top poster, most tagged profile in their post, and many more. Get it now to discover the secrets of your mate.


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Monday, 28 December 2020

WhatEye 3 App

Want to know how much is on the What|App online?
You can see when and monitor use on What|App.
For every day with track record usage, real-time updates and statistics and receive notification for each online operation.

Works for WhatsDog features, and the live status of the last seen and successful monitor tracker can be seen.

Ask your boyfriend and girlfriend!

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International calls App

 Call overseas, call any country, call any city, call any phone! You can also record the conversation for future use and save it. Nobody's going to know you're calling by Telz. The call savings are going to be a good surprise for you. Telz is clever and frugal.

Wherever a mobile internet or WiFi service is available, cheap internet calls to desks and mobile phones are available. From home, work, holiday, ride, or even from the beach, you can call.

You may use a callback option when the Internet link is not secure. Via standard telephone networks, Telz can connect you to the opposite number.

Easily finance a credit card, PayPal or in-app payment for your account. In the application, the money balance is always clear. At the end of the month, it does not expire. Telz does not have any hidden charges or recurring subscriptions. You're just paying for your calls. With a positive balance, just call at any time. We are going to try not to disappoint you!


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Data Lock App

 Track your Mobile Data using Data Lock


- Day / Night / Week / Month Caps for data

- Notification on hitting the limit of the plan

- Manually or automatically switch on/off Mobile Data (only for old Android versions)

- Scheduled activities that allow mobile data to be switched on/off at certain times or dates.

-Tracking speeds

ISSUES Recognized

- Enable/disable data is not enabled for versions of Android 5.0, 6.0 and higher.


- VIEW NETWORK STATE - Needed to show the current status of the network

- WRITE APN SETTINGS, Alter CONNECTIVITY OF THE NETWORK, Adjust GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS - Necessary to allow/disable mobile data through the use of APN

- PHONE STATE MODIFICATION - Required to enable/disable mobile data using device settings

The following components licensed by 'Apache License 2.0' are used for this application: Quartz, Apache Projects & Libraries. A copy of the License can be accessed at


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Thursday, 24 December 2020

Battery Saver-Charge Faster, Ram Cleaner, Booster App

Battery Saver to improve your battery protection! The perfect doctor for batteries!

Do you have trouble locating your charger because there is so much energy consumed by your phone? Does it keep lagging on your phone because it's too hot? This is because a lot of apps and services run in the background, slowing down your phone and draining your battery quickly. To fix battery problems and prolong battery life, Battery Saver is here to let you use your phone without trouble.

Principal Features

·1. Extend battery use

Battery Saver offers a range of modes for battery optimization and handles battery-draining applications that can expand battery use!

2. · 2. Increase pace for charging

Discover your phone's most powerful way to charge! By monitoring your battery consumption, charge your phone more effectively. To view the charging progress and the estimated complete time, allow charge protection on your lock screen!

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Assistive Touch for Android App

What does Assistive Touch mean?
Assistive Touch is a simple tool for smartphones with Android. It's easy, it's smooth, and it's completely FREE.
You can use your Android smart phone conveniently with a floating panel on the screen. More conveniently, all your favorite applications, games, settings and easy toggles can be accessed easily. To clean running background programs, you can use the smart clean feature to support your phone faster. Assistive Touch is also a great physical button safety app (home button and volume button). It's very good for smart phones with a large screen.

Android's Assistive Contact

Virtual home button, easy to lock screen and open the new mission, easy to touch

-Digital Volume button, to change the volume and change the sound mode, fast touch

—The Virtual Back button

-Clean ram, speed boost, ram booster with one tap.

- Simple touch for launching your favorite program

- With a touch, go very quickly to all settings

Settings for Fast Touch include:

—Screenshot Capture (5.0 and up)

-Electricity popup (5.0 and up)

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TapTap Lock: Double-tap to lock the screen App

"TapTap Lock" is an app that uses the screen lock widget and retains the fingerprint-unlocking feature.
Appearance: To show the wallpaper entirely, make the picture of the widget totally translucent, so you will not feel the widget's presence.
Operation: The widget has one tap or double tap available. To lock the device, just tap the widget and you can still use the fingerprint-unlocking feature.

For you, an easy-to-use screen lock widget.


You need to run "TapTap Lock" on Android P (9.0) or later.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Screen Stopwatch - A Digital Wellbeing Experiment App

The Stopwatch screen shows you how long you spend each day on your computer. The stopwatch continues to count each time you unlock your phone. Screen Stopwatch is part of Digital Health Experiments, a forum for exchanging ideas and resources to help individuals find a better balance with technology.

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Floating Tube App

Using the floating window to play tube images. Video Tube player helps you to watch videos quickly. Look at your playlists, your songs, the videos that you want. Don't waste the videos you're watching. The Floating Video Tube window can be dragged anywhere you like.

Floating window to play tube videos,

Don't waste the videos you watch,

The Floating Tube app(Tube videos) is a third-party app. In the app, videos permitted by video owners can be viewed. In accordance with all Youtube policies, the app was created.

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Perfect Me - Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune App

Perfect Me - Body retouch and face editor is a great photo editor with a free face and body editing app. The slender body, perfect figure, narrow waist, long legs, abs, and tattoo will help you reshape body curves. Retouch your face with a thin face, a wider face, a taller nose, broader eyes, plump and bright lips and a cleaner face.
This body and face enhancer software is great for online presentation or self-entertainment. Could you get your insta beauty now with a few quick clicks! Come and make a star look like you. This is a perfect face-slimming photo editor.


Body Retouch

-Thin waist to make you lean and skinny, to have a slim body. Make your bikini look incredible. As a hot photo editing app, we have everything you need for the face editor and body scanner.

- The legs are long and elegant. Edit your own miracle picture. And with your beauty selfie, avatan.

-Develop muscle to obtain six packs of abs. The ideal body is easy to get. Give your bikini a nice look.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Document Scanner - (Made in India) PDF Creator App

You sometimes need your various documents scanned several times in a single day. You would certainly not struggle further in that scenario if all is scheduled. But it will be a tragedy for sure if the need to search the document occurs one by one.

We have brought you a portable Doc Scanner to save you from that condition. You can search your documents anywhere at any time with this Doc Scanner.

There are also some additional features in the app that make your paper more professional and nice to look at after scanning.

Let's take a tour of these appealing characteristics::

* The document check.

* Automatically/Manually boost the scan efficiency.

* Smart cropping and many more are included for enhancement.

* Optimize the PDF in B/W, Lighten, Color and Dark modes.

Turn the scans into simple and sharp PDF files.

* Organize the folder and sub folders for your doc.

* Print and fax directly from the app the scanned doc.

Upload docs like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. to the cloud.

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Mobile Tracker for Android App

Track your misplaced smartphone. Receive the location address. Get some mobile number info.

Mobile Android can be monitored after it gets lost.

About Device Mobile Tracker:

Mobile Tracker Benefits for Android,

* This Mobile Tracker for Android app starts when the Android phone gets stolen/lost and when the new SIM card is inserted into the mobile phone, and automatically sends mail and SMS about the inserted SIM card information.

* You must store the mail address and mobile number of your family/friend inside the app and then the mail and SMS warning will be sent to the corresponding mail ID and number. The SMS includes the IMEI number of the SIM cell phone and service provider information. Enhanced protection by prompting a password to open an application.

Android's Smartphone Tracker Features:

* Mobile Mail Fraud Defense
* SMS Device Theft Security
* Users can see their current address & location
* In our app, users can select any place on the map and see any location address.

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Monday, 21 December 2020

Trendy - Trending Topics & Search Trends App

Trendy lets you find all the trending subjects, search headlines and social trends that are most searched for at the moment. Based on country, date & time, find out what's trending. For content developers, blog authors, producers & enthusiasts, the Trend Analyzer app is helpful in keeping up with what other individuals are looking for the most.

Trendy - Trend Search Analyzer software, based on what individuals search around you, filters out trending posts, topics and data! In a special bubble-like format, the Trendy App shows all trending searches and topics, which lets you decide how trending a specific topic is. The wider the bubble, the trendier it is!

Trendy Features - Trending Topics & Search Patterns in Real-time

- In a specific location or region, find Trending Topics

- Trending Filter Searches depending on the number of days

- Tap on a subject to learn more about the trend.

- Before anyone else, discover recent trends, news & facts!

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DSLR Photo Effects & Editor App

Edit your picture instantly with this strong Awesome Photo Effect app, which is one of Android's best photo editing tools. Get the best photographic art with a large number of incredible photo effects in your images.

With this photo editor app, you can generate good color effect images that will make you create beautiful photos. This app also comes with lovely picture frames.

Only pick or take one image from the camera and get broad varieties of photo effects, overlays, and options to embellish your image are enhanced. This Pic Editor tool also allows you to use the Red Eyes removal option.

Using these effects, you can make the best selfie. More than 50+ effects have been added, such as Autumn, Twin, Contrast, Pencil, DSLR, Blackout, Engrave, Smart Blur, Desaturate, Border, Desert, Draft, Displace, Reflection, G & B, Shadow, Ghost, Lomoart, R & B, Emboss, R & G, Drops, Saturation, Sharpen, ThePast, Oil-Paint, Swap, Snow, Polaroid, Oval, Sun, Sharp, Bewitching, FishEye, etc.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Video Downloader for Instagram App

Instagram Video Downloader helps you save video from Instagram, and also supports IGTV video download.
This app allows you to repost videos. Save Videos to Insta.

How do you save them if you see your favorite Insta videos? Give this app a try. We can help you download videos free of charge from Instagra.

What advantages we have:

It may be Google Play's most convenient video downloader.

* This is a free downloader for videos

* Save videos without logging in from Insta

* To increase download speed by 3 times, use the Hurricane Engine

* Save free high quality video

* save photos free of charge from ig

* The downloaded video is very convenient to share with your friends.


1. Open Imstagram, select the video or photo you have downloaded,

2. Link Copy

3. Open the Video Downloader for Instagram and it will help you download the video automatically.

4. Don't miss the video you like. Start using it now.

After downloading, where is the Insta video saved?

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Fonts - Emojis & Fonts Keyboard App

Fonts is the most downloaded font keyboard in the world with millions of downloads!

Android fonts have finally arrived! Works on any phone with Samsung or Android.

With many tons of different stylish fonts, style your messages.

Easily install fonts by following the onscreen instructions once you've downloaded the app.

Fonts work in applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

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Resume Builder App Free CV maker CV templates 2020 App

In a few minutes, the Free Resume Builder app will help you develop a professional resume & Curriculum vitae (CV) for work applications. More than 50 resume templates are available and 15 colors are available for every resume template & CV template. So you've got 500+ offline / web resume designs.

Build with this free CV builder app a modern & competent resume and cover letter. Tips from our resume expert will help you how to write the best resume for the trend for 2020. In 2020, resume writing tips will assist you to get more job offers.

Smart CV - 2020 Free Resume Builder app Features:

1. 500+ templates for professional resumes & 42 perfect resume formats.

2. Guidance step by step with resume examples.

3. Free resume with template for cover letter.

4. Advanced Resume Editor - Special tools to customize paragraphs & lists for writing CVs.

5. Smart resume manager - Change the order of the CV section, edit the title names of the CV section, create new sections, edit at any time.

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WAMR - Recover deleted messages & status download App

If your friends delete their messages before you can see them, how irritating is that?
Curiousness is taking over. The solution you've just found: WAMR!

The service you have been searching for is WAMR. You can retrieve text messages and any media attachments (photos, images, voice notes, audio, animated gifs and stickers) with one tool!

You can download Status now as well! All in one app!

How It's Working

Messages are encrypted on your computer so that they cannot be directly accessed by WAMR.

The only available option is to read them and build a message backup based on your notification history from the messages you receive.

If WAMR detects that a message has been deleted, you will be automatically informed!


Also, WAMR will attempt to save any media attached to the message and you will receive a notification if the sender deletes it.

It is possible to retrieve the following types of media: photographs, videos, animated gifs, audio, voice notes, documents, stickers.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

WhatsTool: Toolkit for WhatsApp App

WhatsTool App, a specially designed WhatsApp app toolkit, offers you a number of exciting features.
1. WhatsApp's Status Saver,
2. Direct Unsaved Number Chat,

3. WhatsApp bulk messaging, Unlimited automatic forwarding

4. Recover message deleted by whatsApp,

5. Whats Web- To use multiple accounts, scan QR code,

6. WhatsApp Chat Style,

7. For WhatsApp status, video splitter,

WhatsApp Auto Forwarder, Chat Report Generation, Sticker Maker, WhatsApp Status Maker, Gif Status Maker, Status Creation Photo Editor, and Fast Reply.

By providing top features to enhance user experience with enhanced security and more interactive messaging experience, the WhatsTool app acts as a perfect WhatsApp tool:

WhatsApp Video Status Downloader - This amazing feature enables users to save and download WhatsApp status videos or images from other users. You can create your status the way you want with the help of the built-in video and photo browser and editing features.

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Video Splitter for WhatsApp Status, Instagram App

By splitting long videos into portions of 30 second videos or custom videos, split and post your complete stories.

To update your WhatsApp status, you don't need to use multiple Split Videos apps. You can split your videos and update your status or post to WhatsApp and other social media directly with Video Splitter.

Video Splitter makes it possible for you to do

1. Split for WhatsApp

- Automatically split your video into 30-second slices.

2. Split Custom

- Customize the video time duration to be split.

3. Single Divide

-Choose the start & end time and cut the video.

The Video Splitter works offline, so this app does not waste or require any data.

For WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many others, split/trim videos

With simple steps, Video Splitter splits your videos and saves files to your phones' memory (Gallery). The original quality of the video after processing is maintained by the Video Splitter/Slicer.

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Monday, 14 December 2020

Open Chat - Direct Message & Chat for WhatsApp App

 Without saving the number in the contacts, open WhatsApp chat. In WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, direct chat with anyone even yourself. You can also create a WhatsApp link and share it.

Do you want to have a direct WhatsApp chat with someone, but don't want to save it in contacts?

Do you want to give yourself a direct message to make some notes?

Do you want to create a WhatsApp link and share it with someone?

WhatsApp's Open Chat is just for you! It supports WhatsApp & WhatsApp Company direct chat.

Based on the official WhatsApp Open API, Open Chat for WhatsApp helps users send a direct message to someone outside of their contacts. It's easy & secure to use.

Main Characteristics:

- Open WhatsApp Chat/Direct Chat with a phone number

- If you want to make certain notes, chat to yourself

- Create and share your WhatsApp link to make it easy for people to contact you.

- Support both businesses of WhatsApp & WhatsApp

- Small size and light weight


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Sticker Maker for WhatsApp App

Develop WAStickerApps stickers for

Create a custom sticker of your own in a few steps:

1. Attach a picture or photo (jpg, webp, png)

2. Automatically delete background or delete background with free hand crop features

3. Add text to stickers with several choices of fonts

4. Add Emoji and funny sticker decorations

5. Attach the boundary around the adhesive sticker

6. Save on your own sets of stickers

7. Share and make fun with friends with stickers

To make another sticker, you can reuse all the cropped images.

-Magnifying help for glass

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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Radarbot Free: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer App

Your ally on the road is Radarbot. It is the only app that integrates real-time warnings with the best GPS-enabled speed camera detection system. Legal and efficient at 100 per cent. Drive secure and forever forget about fines.

You'll have the best speed camera warning system, real-time traffic warnings and an advanced speedometer with Radarbot, all in one powerful app.


Without losing your driving license, have full peace of mind at the wheel. You are warned by Radarbot about all sorts of speed cameras:

- Cameras with fixed speed.

-Mobile Possible Cameras (reported by users).

-Cameras with tunnels.

-Cameras from ANPR.

- Cameras for traffic lights.

- Areas with dangerous traffic.

Regular updates: Every day, we refresh our speed camera database so you can take advantage of continuous changes and free updates. NO Needed SUBSCRIPTION or registration!

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Find My Kids: Child Cell Phone Location Tracker App

 The family GPS location tracker "Find My Kids" is built for child protection and parental control.
You can attach a GPS watch or install our app to monitor your child's phone discreetly to the location of the child now.

"Find My Kids" is built with the welfare of your child in mind. The innovative features of the app mean that you can stay in touch with your child safely when they are not with you or on their computer when they are not listening to you.

GPS position tracker-track the place of your child on the map and the history of the day's movements. Make sure that your child is where they are supposed to be and that they don't enter places of high risk.

Listen In, listen in to what's going on around your child to make sure they're safe and in good business.

Send a loud message to your child's phone if they have trouble finding it or if it has been left in silent mode and they can not hear the call.


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Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Self Destructing Text Messages And Files - Ramnia App

Ramnia is a service for message and file uploading. By means of a special connection, you can send messages and files which can only be opened once. To access a message or file, the app does not need to be installed on the recipient's computer.

With military grade encryption (AES-256) inside the app, the messages and files are safely encrypted. They are stored temporarily in the RAM until they have been uploaded to the server. Shutting down the server will cause the current data to be lost forever.

The guide:

Phase 1 - Write a hidden message and/or pick an uploadable file(s)

Phase 2 - Click "Create Secret"

Phase 3 - Copy and share the connection with the recipient

Only once will your recipient click the link. Afterwards the message is forever lost. It's difficult to get a second view or visit, since we not only flag the data that it was called, but also delete the whole message and its attached files forever!

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LED Keyboard App

We are more than pleased to bring this wonderful LED keyboard to you! Trust us, our team has made sure this lovely theme keyboard is the right one for you! Change your Android device totally with this beautiful, stylish Android keyboard!

Stop looking and get the right one for other LED keyboard themes! We guarantee, for your smartphone, you will get the highest quality theme keyboard. Driven Keyboard Download Now! Tell your friends about this fun keyboard if you like it!

With a special abstract style and stunning vibrant colors, the new LED keyboard will alter the history of your regular keyboard. You can customise your smartphone computer with free Android keyboards. Try one template and see how your keyboard can be transformed by a stylish Android phone keyboard!

In the HD screenshots we included, you can see how this theme looks. This is one of the latest high-quality keyboards that will look great on your Android device and is compatible with most models of smartphones.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Fake GPS Location - Hola App

Free and unlimited - Hola app | Fake (change) your location easily - Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS location - Hola app can make your friends think you're in Rome on a dream vacation, when you're actually at home! A quick, funny way to trick friends by simply faking your phone's GPS (changing)

By breaking the geo restriction on your dating apps, a different (fake) GPS location is all it takes to reach more dates. One small change, and on any location-based social network, you will find new friends.

Fake GPS location - Hola app falsifies the location of your GPS and overwrites your present proximity.

How to use the:
Make sure that under Android Location Settings, you disable high precision positioning/mobile locations and leave GPS ONLY or device only.
Select the requested location on the map or search for a specific address using the search bar, then click the Play button. Congratulations! Just changed your location
An easy spoof tool, Fake GPS Location works as a location spoofer!

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WhatStat : Last Seen - Online Tracker App

Description of App

-Track up to 3 members of the family

-24 Free Trial Hours

-Parental oversight

- Your family is now safe!

- Get alerts when the user is online

-Track last seen members of your family

- Track the online and offline status of members of your family

- Data analysis with skilled graphs

- View the online session time of your child

-Get reports to your address by email

- Working from 7/24/24

Day Mode - Dark Mode - Day Mode

- Access Customer Service by e-mail

-Service to Customers

WhatStat is the best tracker for online-offline status. You can track the 7/24 status of the family member. You will be able to export data for status. When the number you track is online, you'll get notifications instantly. You can reach the online status in real time and the number's offline status data.

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Monday, 7 December 2020

Hide My IP - Fast, Unlimited VPN. App

Unlimited and Free VPN to Mask Your IP


* Simple connection with one tap.

* Pick from over 120 locations with IP.

* No time, bandwidth, or speed limits.

* Works on your computer and needs no root access.

* There is no registration required to use free IPs and no advertisements.

* Secure your IP, access blocked websites, on WiFi hotspots.

* By hiding your IP, stay anonymous and avoid tracking.

* Uses OpenVPN technology for secure encryption of Internet traffic.

* Choose to use protocols for either UDP or TCP.

* Fresh - Happy Free Fridays: limited time promotion - unlocked every Friday for all IP locations.

*2018 Promotion* - In your region, use Hide My FREE and Unlocked IP! - We will give users in one or more countries full access to Hide My IP for Android every month. Leave us your request for a country, and if it receives enough votes, we will add it to the current month.


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Phone Secret Tricks App

 Discover ways that everyone can easily get the most out of their Android device. Use this app to get the best hidden mobile tricks and help you increase knowledge, too. You will also be able to learn a lot of stuff you never knew before about your Android phone. In the app for phone tricks and tips, all the tricks are explained step by step. Use this app to master your Android phone within minutes, and many hidden codes are supported by any mobile device. The software includes a short description.
The characteristics are:
East to be used.

Friendly Interface User.

Tricks on Mobile

This app is offline, so you don't have to connect to the Internet.

Grab a screenshot.

Tricks on Mobile

Deleted Recovery of notification.

Process Hard Factory Reset.

Screen Recording.

Laptop Power.

Your Android Power.

No additional special permission is required to install this app.

Facts Unknown.

Deleted Files Recover.

Battery Improvement.

If you have forgotten, unlock the pattern guide.

Guide to Wifi Hotspot connections.

Useful Tricks of Android


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Friday, 4 December 2020

3D Camera - Best Photo Effects, Replace Background App

The 3D camera produces 3D scenic photos, 3D scenes, 3D background changes, 3D photo backgrounds. Substitute backgrounds with amazing backgrounds for photos and create the best photo effects.

The easy to use 3D camera is

1. Pick one of the many 3D scenes that are offered. You can choose 3D love theme photos or movie stunt style. Romantic images and famous places are available as backgrounds for 3D photographs.

2. Choose the photo that you want to place on the 3D camera in the 3D Photo template.

3. You can adjust the photo as the background photo is removed and placed in the Photo Template.

4. You can zoom out to adjust the characters for 3D photos in Zoom.

5. Save and share, or to replace the scene, choose a similar photo template.

Supplementary 3D Camera Features:

1. 3D Photo Grids - Create 3D Photo Grids View where 3D effects including round corners, background textures, photo stickers and more are shown by image grids. Create the best looking photo grids on the Picture Grids with 3D effects.

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Square Pic Collage-Sunset photo editor App

 The best picture editor for Insta square and blend pics is Square Blend Pic Collage-Sunset photo editor. Without cropping, you can create a square picture and post a full-size Instagram photo. Your images will be more famous in the beautiful sunset photo series by the Sunset photo editor.

Square Blend Pic Collage-Sunset photo editor is a perfect app for blending two images without cropping! You should make the picture blend square with the backdrop of the blur. The blur backdrop is very common and with insta Square Blend Snap Pic you can post awesome square blend picture.

For your images, Square Blend Pic Collage -Sunset Photo Editor will produce a double exposure effect. For you, there are many lovely mixing effects. Just like heaven/flower/shape, etc. And sharing your images with your friends and getting more likes is very common.

The easy way to post a snap pic is provided by the Square Blend Pic Collage-Sunset photo editor.


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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Dont touch my phone App

Do not touch my phone will protect your mobile from touching crooks and will protect your phone from touching snoopers and spy touching your cell phone antifurto de. Please don't touch my phone anymore or tap my phone. You don't have to tell anyone. Because your phone will be protected from crooks and snoopers by this theft alarm. Protect your workmate's phone as well.

Using How to Use

Do not touch my phone and it is simple to use the alarm touch or theft alarm. Cell Antifurto de. My phone doesn't touch your phone sensor and works by touching your phone as a mobile alarm touch and theft alarm.

Just go to activate the alarm function in my mobile app and activate this anti-theft alarm function to protect your phone from snoopers, crooks, and workmates with this mobile app.

For alarm touching and theft touching, and mobile touch, several alarm tones are included. Simply pick your favorite alarm tone and mobile touch tone for theft.

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Radarbot Free: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer App

Your ally on the road is Radarbot. It is the only app that integrates real-time warnings with the best GPS-enabled speed camera detection system. Legal and efficient at 100 per cent. Drive secure and forever forget about fines.

You'll have the best speed camera warning system, real-time traffic warnings and an advanced speedometer with Radarbot, all in one powerful app.


Without losing your driving license, have full peace of mind at the wheel. You are warned by Radarbot about all sorts of speed cameras:

- Cameras with fixed speed.

-Mobile Possible Cameras (reported by users).

-Cameras with tunnels.

-Cameras from ANPR.

- Cameras for traffic lights.

- Areas with dangerous traffic.

Regular updates: Every day, we refresh our speed camera database so you can take advantage of continuous changes and free updates. NO REQUIRED SUBSCRIPTION or registration!

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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Edge Lighting - Borderlight Live Wallpaper App

 EDGE Lighting on all Android phones - This app on your mobile home screen and lock screen adds beautiful curved rounded corners of illumination.

To customize the EDGE lighting according to your preference, you can use the settings available in the application, such as changing the colors, adjusting width, EDGE lighting border type, display notch settings, HD wallpapers and Magical EDGE Lighting.

Battery Saver: In order to conserve battery power, the Vibrant RGB EDGE Lighting program is optimized so that you can use it without any trouble.

Devices Supported -

- EDGE Lighting is enabled on all sorts of displays, including Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, Monitor Notch, New Infinity, etc. screen lighting.

EDGE Lighting can be modified for all smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, Plus, One Plus, Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

Features of EDGE Lighting -

-Set Colorful Round EDGE as LIVE Wallpaper Lighting

Adjust the EDGE border colors according to your preference.


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Neon LED Keyboard - RGB Lighting Colors App

 Neon Led Keyboard is our latest Android keyboard app designed just for you! The way you type your text messages will totally change this awesome app!


Simple-to-use app for keyboards

Keyboard LED lighting, led, led.

Colorful skins for keyboards

This LED keyboard is characterized by incredible effects.

Download Sparkling RGB keyboard themes for free.

Smart input: Advanced engine for auto-correction & auto-suggestion; emoji forecasts

& forecasts of words.

Quick typing: Fluent and fast when using the LED Keyboard Theme when you type.

Resize the configuration of the keyboard.

Typing Multi Language

[Disclaimers] Disclaimers

- The copyrights of their respective owners are reserved.

- If you find that copyrights are in violation of any content in our app, please contact us so that we can delete that content.


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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App

Intuitively built duplicate contacts manager with duplicate contacts fixer, duplicate contacts optimizer features that intelligently detect, search & recognise duplicate contacts from your address book and combine or delete contacts in one go. Duplicate Contacts Cleaner Software The Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App is the ideal duplicate contacts fixer & remover app that takes care of your address book professionally by easily finding and removing contacts of the same name and phone numbers. This free multiple contacts merger manager & Google Play App remover helps you to combine multiple related contacts into one and streamline contacts from other accounts at the same time. It has never been so quick to arrange your phone book, the way you wish.

The Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App is exquisitely designed to easily search and delete all duplicate contacts with a few taps, making it a great contact fixer.

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File Manager - Local and Cloud File Explorer App

File Explorer (Smart File Manager) is the easiest, strong, lightweight, free and perfect app to manage files on your smartphone, such as images, movies, documents, music, games.
Characteristics List:
* File Manager - A file explorer that can quickly access and control file storage, copy and paste files, remove files, backup files, upload files, view secret files, compress and decompress files and several similar acts.

* Cloud Storage - Dropbox file manager, box, Google Drive, several clouds.

* Application Manager - Backup, uninstall, and build shortcuts for your applications quickly.

* Root Explorer - A popular root explorer tool that allows root users to access the file system as a whole and all data directories.

* Built-in viewers and players of different file types: video player, image viewer, inside app document reader.

* App Manager - Create an app backup, open it, create a shortcut and uninstall it.

* ZIP and RAR support: ZIP, RAR, JAR, TAR and APK password-compressed and decompressed files.

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