Shortcut Maker App

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Shortcut Maker App

For something you want from your Android, this app will build a shortcut on the Android home screen.

Simply select the function and click on the shortcut to Build. It's that!

Fairly easy, right?

This app can also be used to launch an operation from the installed app.

Apps and Activities: Build shortcuts to the applications and activities mounted.

Folder and Files: Build an internal storage shortcut for folders and files.

Intents: Build an android device intent shortcut along with the default app.

Fast Settings: To easily change your device settings, create a shortcut.

Website: Shortcut to your website of convenience.

User Requested: Functionality that users request.

#Custom#: Just a new bonus and feature to get shortcuts from installed apps and edit them until they are created in this app.

Message me: Shortcut for your suggestions to mail me:)

Shortcut Preview: After choosing the activity app, you will be shown a shortcut preview before building the shortcut.

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