QuickSell: WhatsApp Digital Cataloguing and Sales App

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

QuickSell: WhatsApp Digital Cataloguing and Sales App

The Catalogue (catalog) Builder from QuickSell lets you make beautiful product catalogs (catalogs) on your phone on the go and share them within minutes with your customers. On all digital media such as Whatsapp, WhatsApp Company, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, E-mail and 100s of other similar channels, QuickSell supports sharing

Catalog Creator

From your phone gallery, camera or current items, just select the products you want to share, offer a nice title and your new catalog is instantly ready. Go ahead and make your customers impressed.

Share on WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp Company and 100s of other digital channels

Share your catalogs on WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS as a connect easily. Drastically raise your sales!

· Management of Inventory

Keep your inventory of items up to date and ready for sharing, from anywhere and at any time. Be the first one for the buyers to reach out!

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