Maki for Facebook and Messenger App

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Maki for Facebook and Messenger App

Let's be honest: Facebook's official apps (both Facebook & Messenger) are not the world's best apps: sluggish, massive, and laggy. But are there any ways to get rid of them and get a much better alternative to Facebook?

Yes Yes! And what you are looking for is Maki:


—with Facebook Messenger built-in;

- ~10 social networks built-in;

-Obscure mode;

-and a great deal more.

Compared to an official Facebook app, Maki saves your network and battery use, as well as the space of your phone (by occupying less than 10 MB!) while giving you more functionality and a much better experience.

Intriguing? Ok, let's see what Maki has to give you as well.


Dear Mark, Dear Mark,

To split Facebook and messages into different apps was a bad idea. But don't worry, Maki will address that issue for you, so everyone in one app will enjoy both Facebook & Messenger. In Maki, Messenger Lite lets you text with friends and even make audio & video calls.

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