LMK: Q&A and Make Friends App

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

LMK: Q&A and Make Friends App

The place to do Q&A and to make new friends is LMK. Finding new friends based on shared interests is not a dating app, but rather a group. ;)

* Ask questions or surveys

* Make new Instant Match mates

Instant Voice Call * Find a new friend to talk to

Post an HMU and see who replies,

Share a moment of your life feeding on the LMK community

Swipe right on individuals that you want to be friends with

* Talk with people who answered your questions anonymously


* All users or content may be registered. By reporting any inappropriate conduct, please help us keep our community safe.

* You have to follow our golden rule: be kind always. You will be disqualified if you post demeaning or offensive content.

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