Dukaan - Create Your Online Dukan in 30 Seconds App

Monday, 10 August 2020

Dukaan - Create Your Online Dukan in 30 Seconds App

In 30 seconds, Dukaan's Catalogue (catalog) Creator will help you launch your online shop. On your computer, you can create beautiful product catalogues (catalogs) and conveniently share them with your clients. Dukaan enables you to share your digital catalogs with various social media applications, such as Whatsapp Company, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In order to start using Dukaan, here are 4 basic steps:

1. Enter your company name, address, and begin to add your products/catalogs.

2. Your online store will be created instantly as soon as you fill out those details and you will be able to obtain your Store Connection from your Dukaan dashboard.

2. Share connections to the product/catalog/store with others on WhatsApp.

3. Get notified as soon as you receive any new order along with the name, address and confirmed mobile number of the customer.

4. Deliver the order to the place of your customer and mark the order as 'Delivered.'

For whom is Dukaan?

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