YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller App

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller App

Trusted globally for treating their phone addiction by over 2 million people.
Best customized & curated approach against inappropriate use to awaken self-realization
Accessible in 15 languages worldwide, including English, German, Spanish, French, etc.

Do you feel more and more addicted to smartphones at times, and unable to keep focused? From waking up and still sleeping with it. But has this recently influenced private & professional life? Does it feel like losing power and reducing efficiency?

Then to achieve digital wellbeing, we have a Smart Digital Solution.

Our app provides a range of enjoyable, user-friendly and customized features that can assist in tracking and managing use.

Your Hour's Main Features:

Dashboard: the Full Day Portal!

All important information is provided by the Dashboard at one location. It keeps track of "Usage Time" & "Unlock Count" & thus provides a comparative info-graphic view of the operation of today and the past 7 days.

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