Write SMS by voice App

Friday, 31 July 2020

Write SMS by voice App

When writing messages or text notes, do you want to convert speech to text?
This speech to text software gives you a strong and easy-to-use voice message dictating device.


- You can dictate the outcome of sending voice messages via any other app or messenger. This app is not just a sms messenger)

- Dictate messages by voice and edit the data conveniently.

- Parsing the dictionary (just say "comma" and the app will replace it with "," when parsing the text with your voice)

- Pick a contact or enter the number of the receiver by voice (while writing sms message)

- The advanced voice-to-text engine allows you to choose the recognition language directly if appropriate.

- A careful choice for voice recognition allows you to pick the correct variant of recognized text

If you want to send voice messages really easily, - Integrated SMS messenger

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