TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF App

Monday, 27 July 2020

TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF App

TurboScan is the cost of a lifetime! TurboScan transforms your phone into a powerful multipage scanner for papers, receipts, notes, whiteboards, videos, or any other regular text. You can easily scan high-quality documents and store or send them as multipage PDF or JPEG files with TurboScan.

Hey Remember! With this free edition, you can search and send up to three multi-page documents.

To accurately detect document edges, straighten the documents (correct perspective), remove shadows and set a perfect contrast - black on white, TurboScan uses advanced fast algorithms.

TurboScan boasts a versatile gui that is easy to use. All on one screen, get instant one-tap brightness, rotation and color controls!

SureScan, our proprietary scanning mode for sharper scans (especially useful in low-light conditions), is also supported by TurboScan. SureScan allows the phone camera to take three images of the same text.

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