Tangle App

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Tangle App

It is possible to use Tangle for:

● To alleviate tension

To get comfortable

To have pleasure

Be calm

Mediate to

Check out cool physics

Dedicate any quality time

How to use Tangle Tangles

To see the magic, just swipe or touch across the screen

● Characteristics of Tangle

Tangle: Tangle functions as a spring, a fine touch causes the spring to produce beautiful patterns that alleviate tension.

Net: Net consists of lovely flowers and helps to be calm. To relieve tension, the net can be wiggled to

Harmony: Harmony is a perfect choice for meditation. It's like a fluid that is reflective. A perfect mediation process

● Blast: one of the funniest choices is the bomb. Firecrackers are hurled when touched on-screen, bringing great joy

Tentacles: tentacles look like colorful snakes that help to remain comfortable

Mat: Mat consists of a variety of particles that attract and glow on contact.

Chian: chain is intended to mediate

Illusion: one of my favourites, just swipe over the screen to see the magic

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