Speech to Text : Voice Notes & Voice Typing App

Friday, 31 July 2020

Speech to Text : Voice Notes & Voice Typing App

Speech to Text - Voice Notes Voice Typing is a dynamic mobile phone software for people who usually use or need to make notes on a mobile phone. Your voice will be automatically recorded by this program and translated into text. Through this beautiful program, you can use the facility to convert long audio conversations to notes or text. This voice recognizer software is successful in recognizing it and translating it to the text type easily. There are several notable features and options in this speech to text-voice notes app. The important characteristics are as follows.

Features The Features

We also provided audio to text support for all languages in the speech to text-voice notes Voice Typing app. You speak in any of the world's languages; it will detect and turn your speech into the form of text or notes. So you can convert your voice messages to any language in the world by using this app.

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