Free WiFi App: passwords, hotspots App

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Free WiFi App: passwords, hotspots App

With wifi keys, free online and offline maps, public and private hotspots all over the world! Works even with no access to the Internet!
Osmino Free WiFi Software - 120 million free hotspots for WiFi!
Wherever you are, the easy and free Internet! A free and simple way to find passwords for WiFi!

Offline maps and password databases are instantly available and free of charge!

Osmino WiFi - the manager for the worldwide quest for public wifi hotspots and private network passwords.

With WiFi keys, download offline maps of the entire world or download only one area you need with all WiFi hotspots. They're free!

Almost 120 000 000 wifi hotspots in more than 50 countries are now available on the osmino map:

More than 5 million thousand hotspots in the USA

About 3 million thousand wifi hotspots in Korea

Almost 600 000 hotspots in Mexico and more than 400 000 hotspots in Brazil

In Russia, more than 3 million hotspots with passwords

About 170,000 wifi hotspots in Ukraine

500 000 hotspots on Italy's chart,

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